Track Racing at Hellyer Park

The Q&A on San Jose's own Hellyer Park Velodrome

Go to:, the Hellyer Velodrome website, for location, schedules, specific information about events, records, training and more.

I'm interested in racing on the track, how do I get into it?
The best way to start is by attending beginner sessions. Go to for a schedule.

Do I need a special bike for this? Does it really have no brakes?
There are occasional special training sessions in which the track is open for riding with "road" bikes. However to race and do the majority of the training sessions on the track you'll need a special track bike. And yes, they don't have brakes but you can still control your speed by resisting gently the motion of the pedals and by adjusting the path of the bike on the banked surface.

Are there special sessions for Juniors?
Yes. With signed parental release, juniors can ride the track in any session whose purpose is matched to their skill level.

The most important facts specific to junior riders are:
1) Parents/Guardians must sign a release annually on behalf of minors who use the track.
2) Juniors can ride the track for free, and get free use of the fixed gear rental bikes for training.

How big is Hellyer Velodrome?
Each lap is 335 meters - or about 0.2 miles. The corners have about 25 degrees of banking to them.

How do I get to the Velodrome?
Getting to the Hellyer Park Velodrome is easy. The track is located just off of Highway 101 at the Hellyer Ave. exit. From the 680/280/101 interchange take 101 south for 5 miles to the Hellyer Ave exit. At the bottom of the off-ramp turn right. At the stop sign go straight into Hellyer Park and follow the signs to the velodrome. The spectator gate is located on the south end of the velodrome ( from the parking lot walk counter clock-wise around the track to get to the gate).

See for more info. Rain cancels all track sessions.