Special Events Reimbursement Fund (SERF)

and Race Rewards Programs

The Race Rewards Program and Special Events Reimbursement Fund (SERF)are funds allocated by the Board of Directors (BOD) to assist club members in meeting their individual racing goals. The Race Rewards program is designed to provide partial reimbursement for every race entered. The SERF program is targeted towards larger out-of-district events which require travel and overnight stays. Both programs are open to all club members who meet eligibility requirements including volunteering for club events and wear an up to date complete LGBRC kit (jersey and shorts) while racing. The season for both programs runs from December 1 to November 30 and all racing disciplines (road, track, cross, mountain) are eligible.

To participate in the Race Rewards program, submit a bio (it's mandatory), then record your race results on the LGBRC website. Instructions are provided there. A password, which can be obtained from the webmaster or president, is required to enter results. All results must be entered by December 1. The final amount you are reimbursed depends on the total budget allocated by the BOD, the number of people participating in the program, and the number of points you accrue during the year. Points are awarded every time you race (finishing a race is not a condition), and bonuses are given for particularly good performances. All categories are treated the same; upper categories do not receive preferential treatment. If you wish to record your results on the website but do not wish to participate in the Rewards program, please let us know.

The SERF program can provide up to $50 per day up to $150 per event to cover the costs of travel, lodging and entry fees for out-of-district events. The actual amount you receive will depend on the total budget allocated by the BOD and the total number of requests received throughout the year. Qualifying events are out-of-district races, with the exception of in-district championship events such as the Sattley time trial which are sufficiently far from the Bay Area to require overnight stays. You are encouraged to participate in the program, and you can apply as often as you like. To participate in the SERF program, please send an email at least two weeks before the event. Describe the event, where it is located, how much you expect it to cost, and why you want to do the event. After the event you must send IN your receipts. 

Reimbursements are calculated in December with the goal of distributing Race Reward and SERF checks early the following year.

Barry Gordon, LGBRC president