LGBRC Membership

Responsibilities and Benefits

Responsibilities: Members are expected to be active in racing or in other support roles. Attending meetings, riding with the club, helping put on our races by chairing committees or volunteering for race day duties, mentoring novice and younger riders, helping with the newsletter, volunteering to help at the Hellyer Park Velodrome are but a few ways members take an active role in the life of our club.

Benefits: The following programs are subject to change. Contact Barry Gordon, or a Board of Directors member to check on the details of current benefits.

Support Programs for Members In Good Standing:

Discounted Clothing - Mentoring Programs

Sponsor Discounts: These are many and varied.  Come to club meetings, or join LGBRC to receive our newsletter and be informed on a timely basis of what product sponsorship is available. We receive a year-round discount from
Mike's Bikes in Los Gatos.

  • Participation in our special events: Training Camps, Clinics
  • Support programs for active racers. This includes race results rewards and clothing discount for cat. 1/2 racers and junior racers.
  • SERF reimbursement for out-of-district race expenses