Los Gatos Bicycle Racing Club

Junior Racer Benefits and Responsibilities

Includes Youth (ages 10-14), Juniors (ages 15-18), U23 (ages 19-23)

Membership Fees: Membership Fees for active racing Juniors and U23 (ages 19 - 23) are waived in LGBRC. We value our junior membership, as they represent the future of bicycle racing.

Clothing:Actively racing (e.g., five races) Juniors initially pay their clothing costs with a 50% reimbursement after the completion of five races.

Race Rewards: Juniors will receive reimbursement for participating in races. It is up to each junior to enter his/her race results through the year. Race rewards are compiled in December and distributed in February of the following year.

Special Event Reimbursement Fund: Juniors and members under age 23 are eligible for SERF reimbursement.

Youth Development Program (ages 10 to 14) is provided at the Hellyer Park Velodrome. See www.hellyervelodrome.com for details.