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Joining LGBRC


Responsibilities: Every member is expected to contribute TIME (at least about a day each year) in accomplishing the goals of the club (see goals on the membership form) If you live in the region and are unable provide this support, you will not be eligible to receive any support from the club (e.g., race rewards, clothing support, club deals, etc.). Our membership support policy is very simple: No support = No support. Other ways that you can contribute to your club include attending meetings, riding with the club and identifying potential club sponsors.

Benefits: The following programs are subject to change. Contact Barry Gordon, or a Board of Directors member to check on the details of current benefits.

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Support Programs for Members In Good Standing

Sponsor Discounts
Members in good standing will be informed on a timely basis of what product sponsorship is available. Members in good standing also receive a year-round discount from Mike's Bikes.  There are also support programs for active racers in good standing. This includes race results rewards and Special Events Reimbursement Fund or SERF for out-of-district race expenses, and clothing discounts for racing active Cat. 1/2 racers and junior racers.

LGBRC Membership Price Schedule
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  • Annual Membership - $45.
    Note: LGBRC 2020 District/State/National/World Champions have an optional membership credit.

  • Annual Sustaining Membership This is just a helping donation for the club, any amount over $5 in addition to the $45 membership fee. This generous option is available via PayPal:

  • 2022 new membership after 9/1/21, 16-month membership for the price of 12 months ($45 or $48 if paid via PayPal).

  • Team members order and pay for team clothing on-line. Contact Barry Gordon to receive your on-line clothing order link. Note: it will be possible to order clothing after the closing of our on-line store.

Download the Membership Form, sign it and send it with a check. Or submit our on-line membership form and pay with credit card through PayPal (Note: because PayPal costs an additional percentage, the price is slightly higher.)

Preferred method: download the membership form, sign and send it with a check made out to LGBRC.

Mailing Address:
LGBRC C/O Barry Gordon,
16230 W. Ellenwood Ave.
Monte Sereno, CA

Paypal option for sending in your membership:

For more information call Barry Gordon at or (408) 821-6014