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Tim Stamper

Tim Stamper
Tim Stamper

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When asked how he got intrested in bicycle racing, he replied, "I became involved in racing and touring when I went to college in Wisconsin. When I moved to California I realized how lucky I was to be around such a great racing scene".

"I actually work in the accounting field and am pursuing relaunching my racing career here in Knoxville, Tennessee. I look forward to sharing my racing and training experiences with my fellow LGBRC teammates. Here in Tennessee I have incredible roads to ride and train on right near my home, and the local cycling racing scene is amazing. Getting to know the cycling scene more and more here every year, and very happy I'm still connected to LGBRC, couldn't be prouder."

"Pro Championships come to Knoxville, Tn this year. Very proud for my home town, and am looking forward to continuing my membership with LGBRC this year and participating in local races and group rides. Knoxville is growing into a great cycling town, and am very proud to represent LGBRC here for years to come."