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Kevin Smith

Kevin Smith
Kevin Smith
Kevin Smith joined LGBRC in 2013. He has participated as a Cat's Hill Race volunteer and has ridden on the Saturday training ride.

When we asked Kevin how he first got involved in cycling, his reply indicated a long-time interest: "I completed my first century when I has a sophomore in high school and that was almost 38 years ago !" He continues, "I ride with a group of friends each year from Carmel to Camarillo (about 320 miles) over 3 days in January.  Each of these rides have been a great achievement, especially enjoyable because of riding with a group of friends I have known for a long time."

He says, "I'm an occasional racer and have raced 4-5 races per year in Masters 50+ or cat 4."

He adds, "I work in the Entertainment and Industrial design industry on 3D computer graphics software and production."

We welcome Kevin to Los Gatos Bicycle Racing Club!