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Bob Skubis

Bob Skubis
Bob Skubis

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Belgian Diamond

16 North, Santa Cruz Avenue
Los Gatos, CA  
Bob is a Masters 45+ racer who joined LGBRC in 2005. Originally a road racer he now concentrates his efforts in the beauty of dirt and mud and races MTB and cyclocross. Bob has been racing bicycles since he was 10 years old, first for a local Santa Clara bike shop (John Wayne Bicycles.) He started just about the time BMX was born. He says, "I haven't felt the need to slow down since. I started to race again with road cycling at about 25-27 but was blindsided by marriage and 2 kids, only to discover running (with the Jogger no less). I returned to two wheels about 7 years ago and until someone hides my pedals, I’ll be on the starting line."

When asked about his greatest cycling achievement, he modestly responds, "I'm not yet accomplished. I'm only 48!"

He adds, “I enjoy anything that I can do in the sun. I've been an athlete my whole life so anything physical gets heaped onto my plate. I ride and race all year long depending on the season so I'm always up for a ride, group or otherwise."

When asked about his 'day job', he replies, "I'm a G.I.A. Graduate Gemologist by day but stare out into the street from inside the office when I hear the ratchet of a freewheel coming."

Bob is also a Mad Dogg Certified SPIN Instructor (indoor cycling) and teaches several times a week in Los Gatos at a local health club.

Announcement regarding Polar Heart Rate Monitors:

" I would like to offer to all LGBRC members (only) FREE BATTERY REPLACEMENT FOR YOUR HEART RATE MONITORS (Polar, etc.) This is for standard devices only (no water proof or pressure retests required type models). Most models that cyclist have do not require waterproof pressure tests. This offer ($18-$40 normally) is good to all current members . Now is a good time to dig those heart rate monitors out (wherever you put it) and start using them to build that aerobic base!"