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Samantha Quijano

Samantha Quijano

Samantha Quijano

Sam became interested in cycling when she started working at Sports Basement in 2015. She says, "I made some really good friends in the bike department. When I got a running injury the following spring, they encouraged me to get on a bike to scratch my need to exercise and I never got off! Then, in January 2017, I went to my first Early Bird race and was forever afflicted with the racing bug after that."

"I upgraded to a Cat 2 in 2018 and am looking to gain experience at the national level in 2020."

Her most memorable cycling experience? "My favorite memory of racing so far was attacking and creating the winning breakaway at Santa Cruz Criterium in 2019. I went up the road with Jaimee who'd been my teammate the week before at Redlands Classic and we smashed it to get away from the field. As far as races go, it was as perfect as you could get and it was such a privilege to win this classic NorCal race against strong competition."

She adds, "I will have my BA in Political Science from UC Berkeley in December 2019 and I work at Sports Basement in the Bike and Backcountry departments. Off the bike, I love spending time with my dog, Misty, and learning how to cook new things while listening to interesting podcasts."

"I am so excited to be on this strong team among women that I've grown up racing with and to step up to the next level with a Northern California team. We can continue to represent an amazing legacy of women racers from this area and push our own limits in ways that were not previously possible.