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Thomas Preisler

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Thomas Preisler
Thomas Preisler
Thomas Preisler joined Los Gatos Bicycle Racing Club in
2009 as a Cat. 5 road racer. In January 2011 he upgraded to Cat 4.

He says, "I have always enjoyed the outdoors and got into cycling fairly recently. I bought my first road bike just 5 years ago and started to ride in the hills surrounding Los Gatos. Doing longer and longer rides and climbing higher and steeper hills eventually led to us joining LGBRC to find others to ride with.

When we asked him what he considers his greatest cycling achievement so far, he answered "Well, perhaps from barely being able to climb Shannon & Kennedy to completing three centuries and Death Ride and doing my first road races and time trials in just a few years."

He adds, 'When I'm not riding my bike, I'm working with software development for a larger Silicon Valley company. "