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Heather Peck

Heather Peck
Heather Peck
Heather joined Los Gatos Bicycle Racing Club in 2017. She is a masters cyclocross racer.

She states, "I began competitive cycling back in 1996 after meeting Chris who got me interested in the sport. It was perfect timing, as I was becoming a chronically injured runner. I raced on the road for 10 years with various amateur women's teams in New England as a Category 1 racer. Then I spent several years just enjoying the sport - doing group rides and occasional low-key events. I just recently returned to competing in masters cyclocross races."

She considers her most notable cycling achievement to be placing 15th in the 2000 U.S. road cycling olympic trials.

When asked what she does when she is not on a bike, she answers, "I work part-time as a school psychologist and full-time as a chauffeur to my two teenagers."
She adds, "We enjoy going to the cyclocross races as a whole family."

Los Gatos Bicycle Racing Club welcomes Heather, her husband Chris, and their children, Anna and Justin.