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Laurel Green

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Laurel Green
Laurel Green

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Laurel joined Los Gatos Bicycle Racing Club in 2015. A strong category 1/2 racer, she excels in road, track, criteriums, time trials and mountain bike events.

When we asked how she first got into racing, she responded, "I went to UC Davis, and when I was about to graduate.. they told me, I still needed 1 more unit to get my degree. So, I took a cycling class. I only had  mountain bike, so I put slicks on it, and learned how to paceline on my MTB. It was fun."

"Racing bikes never crossed my mind until I was in Madison, Wisconsin coaching Women's Rowing after college in 1991, making a whopping 5K per year. I needed to find another job, so I started working at a bike shop because I wanted to learn how to work on my own bike. The guys at the shop said to me, 'You're a rower, you should ride.' I went for a ride with them, and... well, they insisted I try racing. By 1994 I was racing bikes."

"2015 is my 23rd year racing on the road, and my 7th year racing on the track.  I have many people to thank for the entire trip so far."

What does she consider her most notable cycling achievement so far? "Directing a Women's Bike Racing Team for 7 years (Early Bird Women's Racing (2008-2015) and earning a Silver Medal at UCI Master's Track World Championships (2k Individual Pursuit) in October of 2015."

What does she do when she's not riding a bike? "I am a Physical Education Teacher for 4th and 5th Grade. I am the Safe Routes to School Champion for my school, which means I get to teach bicycling to my 4th graders every year for 4 weeks. I also lead a bike train to school for the 4th and 5th graders every Wednesday.  I'm a Level 1 Certified USA Cycling Coach, and I am a professional Co-Active Leadership Coach."

Laurel adds, "I love racing. I love helping out teammates. I love coaching. I love people. I love cycling."
We love Laurel!