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Eamonn Gormley

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..Eamonn Gormley
Eamonn Gormley

Eamonn Gormley
Eamonn is a cat 4 racer who joined LGBRC in 2008.

When we asked him how he first got involved in cycling, he stated, "I'm a product of the Sean Kelly / Stephen Roche era in Ireland when half the country was out on bikes every evening."

He considers his greatest cycling achievement to be surviving on the roads after riding since he was eleven.

When he's not on a bike, he says, "I work as a web developer. For the last few years I was involved in the Gaelic Athletic Association, promoting Ireland's indigenous sports of Hurling (a 3000 year-old game resembling a combination of lacrosse and suicidal aerial field hockey) and Gaelic Football (like a combination of soccer and basketball, not to be confused with rugby or Ozzie Rules).  I served as Public Relations Officer for the North American Board and later Chairman of the Western Division Board managing a local league of 18 clubs fielding over 25 teams. See www.sfgaa.org for details of my other sporting interests. I'm also into writing. And I'm quite into Latin American dance."

He adds, "We're lucky to live in a time when the bicycle has advanced far enough to give us this spectacular sport. There once was a time when I aspired to the professional circuit, but other more obtainable career opportunities beckoned. I'd hate to see anyone with the determination deprived of a chance to work towards the top of this game. Cycling beats you up, but it also concentrates your mind, gives you focus, and you stay in shape as a by-product of competing. I think cycling clubs can play a vital role in getting more people into cycling at the entry level, from there there should be a continuous escalation of steps that lead to the top. And we have to keep the pressure on local government to make our streets bike friendly. Nobody should have to sit through three cycles of stoplights before having to run the red light because a sensor loop can't see his bike. No subdivision should be developed as if cars are the only means of getting around and people using their feet  or pedals are simply treated as an afterthought!"