Mail Lists

LGBRC has three email distribution lists that serve unique purposes:

  • Master LGBRC Email List
    Administrator: Barry Gordon (
    How to sign up: You are automatically on this list if you are a club member.
    Whom it reaches: All active LGBRC members
    Who can post: Only Barry can send mail from this list. If you have a message that you wish to reach every member of the club, please email it to Barry and he will determine if the content is appropriate for distribution and if so, he will send it out.
    Appropriate content: Issues of high club importance and "official" club email - please keep posts club or cycling related, or relevant to all members of the club. Examples include communications about Cat's Hill or Timpani; sponsor announcements; announcements for club picnics or events; events open to the whole club (track events, clinics, rides, etc); and cycling community events of interest to the club (memorial rides for fallen cyclists, memorial funds announcements, etc).

  • Saturday Ride List
    Administrator:Will Von Kaenel (
    How to sign up: Please contact the administrators to be added to the list.
    Whom it reaches: As with the Google Group, this is a voluntary list, therefore posts to this list will only reach those who have signed up for it.
    Who can post: Anyone signed up for the Saturday Ride List can post.
    Appropriate content: The primary content of this list relates to training rides and racing. Examples include emails coordinating the Saturday training ride or other training rides and events that club members participate in regularly, determining which team members in your category might be going to a given race, posting ride reports and race reports, etc. As with the Google Group, there is some flexibility regarding content; use your discrection when posting.