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LGBRC Race Results - 2018

Racer's Name Placing Name of Race Field Size Date of Race Category
Paul MacKinlay3CCCX #192/4/18CAT 2 55+
Paul MacKinlay2CCCX #2122/11/18CAT 2 55+
Paul MacKinlay3rdCCCX #483/4/18Sport Men 55+
Jon Jon Giang17Bariani Road Race193/11/2018Junior Men Cat 4/5
Paul MacKinlay4CCCX #6904-15-18Sport Men 55+
Paul MacKinlay14Sea Otter XC35April 22nd, 2018CAT 2 55-59
Aaron Hanna2Sea Otter Classic Cross Country~10 in {Cat2, 43-44}4/22/20182
Aaron Hanna2SJBC Twilight255/9/2018B
Paul MacKinlay1CCCX #76May 12th 2018CAT 2 55+
Aaron Hanna3Old Cabin Classic725/19/2018Sport Men 40-49
Aaron Hanna5SJBC Twilight185/23/2018B
Paul MacKinlay24Old Cabin Classic555/19/18Sport 50+
Paul MacKinlay1CCCX #85June 16th 2018CAT 2 55+
Paul MacKinlay3CCCX #8 Final57/21/18CAT 2 55+
Chris Twiggs45Sea Otter Classic Enduro 2018574/19/2018Open Men 50-59
Brian Twiggs36Sea Otter Classic Enduro 201889April 19, 2018Open Men 19-29
Brian Twiggs23Sea Otter Classic Downhill24April 21, 2018Cat 2 Men 22-24
Brian Twiggs3California Enduro Series Round 1: Toro Park23May 26, 2018Sport Men 18-29
Brian Twiggs21GoPro Mountain Games Enduro42June 8, 2018Amateur Men 21-39
Brian Twiggs12California Enduro Series Round 2: Mammoth Bar32June 16, 2018Sport Men 18-29
Brian Twiggs12California Enduro Series Round 3: China Peak27June 30, 2018Sport Men 18-29
Brian Twiggs8Northstar Downhill #3 - Vista Mix17July 22, 2018Cat 2 Men 18-29
Heather Peck2CCCX cross race109/16/18Masters 45+
Chris Peck1CCCX cross race259/16/18Masters 45+
Anna Peck3CCCX cross race39/16/18Junior Women 10-14
Justin Peck5CCCX cross race139/16/18Junior Men 15-18
Heather Peck2ndCCCX Cyclocross49/23/18Masters 45+ Women
Chris Peck2ndCCCX Cyclocross209/23/18Masters 45+ A Men
Justin Peck6thCCCX Cyclocross159/23/18Junior Men 5-18
Anna Peck2ndCCCX Cyclocross49/23/18Junior Women 10-14
Chris Peck3CCCX Cyclocross2009/30/2018Masters 45+ A Men
Justin Peck3CCCX Cyclocross1509/30/2018Junior Men 15-18
Heather Peck11West Sacramento Cyclocross Grand Prix Day 12010/06/2018Masters Women 35+
Chris Peck2West Sacramento Cyclocross Grand Prix Day 12510/06/2018Masters Men 45+
Justin Peck7West Sacramento Cyclocross Grand Prix Day 12010/06/2018Junior Men 15-18
Anna Peck4West Sacramento Cyclocross Grand Prix Day 1810/06/2018Junior Women 10-14
Heather Peck7West Sacramento Cyclocross Grand Prix Day 22010/07/2018Masters Women 35+
Chris Peck1West Sacramento Cyclocross Grand Prix Day 22010/07/2018Masters Men 45+
Justin Peck8West Sacramento Cyclocross Grand Prix Day 21510/07/2018Junior Men 15-18
Anna Peck3West Sacramento Cyclocross Grand Prix Day 2610/07/2018Junior Women 10-14
Heather Peck1CCCX Cyclocross Fort Ord510/14/18Masters 45+ Women
Chris Peck3CCCX Cyclocross Fort Ord1510/14/18Masters 45+ A Men
Justin Peck2CCCX Cyclocross Fort Ord1010/14/18Junior Men 15-18
Chris Peck2ULKHC Montevina2010/13/18hill climbers
Justin Peck5ULKHC Montevina2010/13/18hill climbers
Heather Peck1Surf City Cyclocross510/28/2018Masters Women 45+
Justin Peck2Surf City Cyclocross1210/28/2018Jr. Boys 15-18
Anna Peck4Surf City Cyclocross510/28/2018Jr. Girls 10-14
Heather Peck4NCNCA Cyclocross Championships611/25/2018Masters Women 45+ A
Chris Peck5NCNCA Cyclocross Championships2511/25/18Masters Men 45+ A
Justin Peck7NCNCA Cyclocross Championships1011/25/18Junior Men 15-18
Anna Peck2NCNCA Cyclocross Championships411/25/18Junior Women 13-15
Heather Peck1Coyote Valley Cyclocross Day 1212/8/18Masters Women 45+ A
Justin Peck4Coyote Valley Cyclocross Day 1812/8/18U19 Men
Anna Peck2Coyote Valley Cyclocross Day 1312/8/18Junior Women 13-14
Heather Peck1Coyote Valley Cyclocross Day 2212/9/18Masters Women 45+ A
Chris Peck1Coyote Valley Cyclocross Day 2712/9/18Masters Men 45+ A
Justin Peck2Coyote Valley Cyclocross Day 2512/9/18U19 Men
Chris Peck4Cyclocross National Championships11012/14/18Masters Men 45-49
Tim Turnbull9Homegrown CX #11310/28/1845+C
Tim Turnbull5Homegrown #2511/11/1845+B
Tim Turnbull11Homegrown #21211/11/1845+C
Tim Turnbull7Homegrown #3812/02/1845+B
Tim Turnbull9Homegrown #31012/02/1845+C
Tim Turnbull5Springville Fat Tire MTB race610/21/18Clydesdale