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LGBRC Race Results - 2017

Racer's Name Placing Name of Race Field Size Date of Race Category
Shahram Moatazedi4San Bruno Hill Climb171/1/2017Cat 5
Leo Minami7th ishEarly Birds Training Series #4301/29/174
Bonnie Denoyer5Early Birds #2901/15/17cat 4
Bonnie Denoyer3Early Birds #4801/29/17cat 4
Bonnie Denoyer1944th Cat's Hill Classic2504/29/17cat 3/4
Bonnie Denoyer2NCNCA Master's RR State Championships305/13/17cat 1/2/3/4 (44-49)
Bonnie Denoyer6Memorial Day Classic Mt. Hamilton Hill Climb1805/28/17women cat 4/5
Bonnie Denoyer11Memorial Day Classic Omnium2505/29/17women cat 4/5
Tim Turnbull18thCCCX XC #11801/29/17CAT3 45-54
Tim Turnbull6thCCCX XC #2702/05/17CAT3 45-54
Tim Turnbull6thCCCX XC #2702/05/17CAT2 Clydesdale
Tim Turnbull11thCCCX XC #31102/19/17CAT3 45-54
Tim Turnbull4thCCCX XC #3402/19/17CAT2 Clydesdale
Tim Turnbull4thCCCX XC #41303/12/17CAT3 45-54
Tim Turnbull8thCCCX XC #5904/09/17CAT3 45-54
Tim Turnbull9thCCCX XC #6906/03/17CAT3 45-54
Tim Turnbull3rdBig Sandy303/25/17CAT2 Clydesdale
Tim Turnbull22ndSea Otter Classic2204/23/17CAT3 Clydesdale
Tim Turnbull7thCCCX XC #7706/17/17CAT3 45-54
Tim Turnbull22thOld log Cabin Classic2205/13/17CAT3 40+