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LGBRC Race Results - 2008

Racer's Name Placing Name of Race Field Size Date of Race Category
Lisa Hern12San Bruno Hill Climb201/1/08Cat 4 Women
Steven Woo17Mount San Bruno Hill Climb241 January4
Mike Perez4CCCX 7141/6/08c
Rich Hill10San Bruno Hill Climb371/1/08M35+
Lucia Mokres1San Bruno Hill Climb201/1/084
Lucia Mokres2Early Bird Crit #110?1/6/084
Beth Lubov Butrymowicz15San Bruno Hill Climb201/1/084
Aaron Hanna~15Early Bird Crit #1~301/6/20083 in 1/2/3
Aaron Hanna~12-14 (solo 3rd group)Early Bird Crit #250-701/13/20083 in 1/2/3
Lucia Mokres3Early Bird Crit #2441/13/074
Lucia Mokres3Early Bird Crit #3201/20/084
Bob Skubis2ndPeak Season CX11Jan 27, '08M45 B
Lucia Mokres2Early Bird Road Race51/26/084
Lucia Mokres5Early Bird Crit #4201/27/084
Mike Perez11Peak Season CX # 4151/27/08B
Kimi Sudbrink5Early Bird Crit #1201/6/084
Kimi Sudbrink2Early Bird Crit #2441/13/084
Kimi Sudbrink5Early Bird Crit #3231/20/04
Kimi Sudbrink2Early Bird Crit #4201/27/084
Bret Roberts10Early Bird Crit #24001/13/085
Bret Roberts1Early Bird Crit #33001/20/085
Bret RobertsDNFEarly Bird Crit #42001/27/085
Kimi Sudbrink3Early Bird Crit #5202/3/084
Lucia Mokres4Early Bird Crit #5232/3/084
Beth Lubov Butrymowicz5Early Bird Crit #2441/13/074
Beth Lubov ButrymowiczDNFEarly Bird Crit #4201/27/084
Matthew Carinio22Mothballs Criterium502/2/08Cat. 3
Matthew Carinio11Mothballs Criterium802/2/08Masters 35+
matthew valenciacrash/dnfcherry pie crit802/10/08jr 10-12
Bret Roberts24Early Bird Road Race2601/26/085
Bret Roberts4Early Bird Crit #52302/03/085
Chris Twiggs36Mt San Bruno Hill Climb371/01/08Cat 5 Men
Chris Twiggs10CCCX Mtn Bike Race 1212/10/08BEGINNING MEN 45-54
Brian Twiggs1CCCX Mtn Bike Race 112/10/08JUNIOR 13 and under
Greg JuneauDNF - Flat last lapCherry Pie Criterium100+FEB 2Pro 1,2
Carole Sykes3rdCherry Pie Criterium262/10/2008Women's CAT 4
Steven Reid7thNorland Criterium412/17/082/3
Jim Werle3rd CCCX #1 MTB XC20Feb 10, 200845+ Beginner
Nikka van den Dries2nd Cherry Pie Crit202/13/08Jr Girl 13-14
Brian Twiggs5CCCX Mtn Bike Race 272/17/08JUNIOR 13 and under
Chris Twiggs9CCCX Mtn Bike Race 2172/17/08BEGINNING MEN 45-54
Matthew Carinio6thCantua Creek Road Race602/16/083
Jim Werle10thSierra Road Hill Climb1802-16-08Cat 4/5 citizen
Michael Simos20Cherry Pie Criterium502/10/20085
Kimi Sudbrink4Snelling Road Race362/23/08W4
Lucia Mokres3Snelling Road Race502/23/084
Kimberly Fong3Norlund Construction Corporate Crit232/17/2008W3
Kimberly Fong20Norlund Construction Corporate Crit302/17/2008W P/1/2/3
Jake Goldfield23Norlund Corporate Crit382/17/085
Michael Simos25Snelling Road Race412/16/085
Nikka van den Dries2ndSneling102/23/08Jr Girl 13-14
Jim Werle1stCCCX #2 MTB XC183/1/0845+ Beginner
Steven Woofinished, no place, wahCantua Creek Road Race3716 February4
Steven Reid38Merco Road Race1203/2/082
Mary-Ellen Ash41Valley of the Sun TTmany02/15/08W1/2
Mary-Ellen Ash23Valley of the Sun RRmany02/16/08W1/2
Mary-Ellen Ash12Valley of the Sun Critmany02/17/08W1/2
Mary-Ellen Ash9Cherry Pie Crit+5002/09/08W1/2
Mary-Ellen Ash25Snelling RR+3002/23/08W1/2
Mary-Ellen Ash8Merco Crit+6003/01/08W1/2
Mary-Ellen Ash23Merco RR+6003/02/08W1/2
Matthew Carinio28Merco Credit Union Road Race1203/2/083
Lucia Mokres22nd cat 3/4, 7th cat 4Merco Road Race69 cat 3/4, est. 40 cat 43/2/084
Carmen Elliott4thSnelling502/23/20084
Kalen Gruber24thMerco Foothills Road Race1073/2/08Sr. 2
Martin Wensley30-40th (Merco screwed up and said DNF)Merco Road Race763/2/08Master 55+ 1,2,3,4
Kalen Gruber21stMenlo Park Grand Prix943/8/08Masters 35+ 1,2,3
Filip Vanacht86 (crash)Merco Credit Union - Foothills Road Race12003/02/083
Filip Vanacht5Menlo Park Grand Prix10003/08/083
Filip Vanacht5Berkeley Bicycle Club Team Time Trial23 Teams03/09/084-person open
Jake Goldfield9Menlo Grand Prix32 finished (50 start)3/8/20085
Michael Simos35Menlo Park Grand Prix10003/08/20084
Kevin Fox / Gregory Bollella9th (45:19:02)Pinole TTT3109Mar0890+
Eric Balfus9Cantua Creek Road Race92/16/082
Eric Balfus48Merco Downtown Grand Prix903/1/08Masters 35+ 1/2/3
Eric BalfusdnfMerco Downtown Grand Prix933/1/08Sr 2
Eric Balfus43Menlo Park Grand Prix973/8/08Masters 35+ 1/2/3
Kalen Gruber13thBariani Road Race1003/16/08Masters 35+ 1,2,3
Carole28Bariani Road Race50March 16, 2008CAT 4 Women's
Carole Sykes28Bariani Road Race50March 16, 2008CAT 4 Women's
Angela Aldrich24Merco Credit Union Cycling Classic Downtown GP373/1/2008Cat 3/4
Angela Aldrich17Tri-Flow Menlo Park Grand Prix323/8/2008Cat 3 Women
Angela Aldrich15Land Park Criterium303/15/2008Cat 1/2/3 Women
Rick Adams3rdMenlo Park Crit75March 8, 2008M45+
Jake Goldfield43Chileno Grasshopper #2~1603/15/2008All Cat Mass Start (1-5)
Filip Vanacht10Copperopolis Road Race7503/22/083
Steven Woo~45Copperopolis8522 March4
Kalen Gruber33rdCopperopolis RR823/22/2008Pro,1,2
Lucia Mokres4Copperopolis243/22/084
Jake Goldfield3Copperopolis Road Race503/22/20085
Mary-Ellen Ash3Landpark Crit+3015Mar08W1/2/3
Kerry Stivaletti10Menlo Park Crit 153/2/2008Womens 4
Carole Sykes~20Copperopolis Road Race243/22/2008CAT 4 Women
Filip Vanacht2Ronde Van Brisbeen - Brisbane Marina Criterium5503/29/083
Jake Goldfield4Brisbane Circuit Race623/30/20085
Filip Vanacht5Ronde Van Brisbeen - Brisbane Highlands Circuit Race6503/30/083
Filip Vanacht2Ronde Van Brisbeen - Omnium55 stage 1, 65 stage 203/29/08 and 03/30/083
Steven Woo12Brisbane Circuit Race8530 March35+ 4
Kalen Gruber23rdKalen Gruber553/30/2008Master 35+ 1,2,3
Kalen Gruber43rdKalen Gruber673/30/2008Pro,1,2
Kalen Gruber5thBerkeley TTT223/9/2008Open
Lucia Mokres11Ronde Van Brisbeen Circuit Race443/30/084
Filip Vanacht12CCCX Series7001/06/08B
Brian Twiggs4CCCX Mtn Bike Race 343/01/08JUNIOR 13 and under
Brian Twiggs4CCCX Mtn Bike Race 443/30/08JUNIOR 13 and under
Chris Twiggs11CCCX Mtn Bike Race 3183/01/08BEGINNING MEN 45-54
Chris Twiggs7CCCX Mtn Bike Race 4143/30/08BEGINNING MEN 45-54
Steven Woo65Brisbane Circuit Race65 ( I swear we dropped ten guys ...)30 March4
Rich Hill2Tuesday Night Track184/1/08C
Filip Vanacht3Martinez Bay Front Criterium7004/05/083
Kalen Gruber13thWards Ferry194/5/08Pro,1,2
Eric Balfus4Get Ready for Summer103/22/08A
Eric Balfus37Brisbane Highlands Circuit793/30/08P/1/2
Kimberly Fong9thMartinez Bay Front Criterium284/5/2008W 1/2/3
Filip Vanacht5Santa Cruz Classic Criterium XXXV5504/06/083
Kimi Sudbrink6Santa Cruz Classic Criterium254/6/08W4
Steven WooDNFSanta Cruz Crit656 April4
Steven Woo12Santa Cruz Crit556 April35+ 4/5
Dennis HoppfieldEB Crit #3501/21/082
Dennis Hopp66Cherry Pie Criterium1002/101/2 Pro
Dennis Hopp58Merco Grand Prix1003/1/08MAS 1/2/3
Dennis Hopp53Merco Grand Prix1003/1/082
Dennis Hopp58Menlo Park Grand Prix803/8/08MAS 1/2/3
Dennis Hopp58Brisbane Highlands Circuit603/30/081/2 Pro
Dennis Hopp11thSanta Cruz Classic Criterium704/6/08MAS 1/2/3
Dennis HoppDNFMartinez Criterium804/5/081/2 Pro
Lucia Mokres5Santa Cruz Criterium254/6/084
Eric Balfus3Hellyer Velodrome Weds Night Series104/9/08A
Rich Hill1Tuesday Night Track174/8/08C
Matthew Carinio71San Dimas stage1 (TT)923/28/083
Matthew Carinio69San Dimas stage2 (RR)923/29/083
Matthew CarinioDNSSan Dimas stage23 (Crit)923/30/083
Matthew Carinio22Garrett Lemire Grand Prix704/13/08Masters 35+
Carl Hekkert36Menlo Park Crit1003.8.08M35+
Lucia Mokres2Madera Stage Race264/12 - 4/13/084
Kimberly Fong5thIsland View Classic20+04/12/2008W P/1/2/3
Dennis Hopp11thSanta Cruz Classic Crit604/6/08MAS 1/2/3
Holly Roberts9Cherry Pie Criterium1202/10/2008Master Womens 35+
Holly RobertsDNFCherry Pie Criterium5402/10/2008Women Pro/1/2/3
Holly Roberts42Valley of the Sun - Time Trial4302/15/2008Women Pro/1/2
Holly Roberts42Valley of the Sun - Road Race4202/16/2008Women Pro/1/2
Holly Roberts42Valley of the Sun - Criterium4202/17/2008Women Pro/1/2
Holly Roberts42Valley of the Sun - GC4202/15/2008 - 02/17/2008Women Pro/1/2
Holly RobertsDNFMerco CU Road Race6203/02/2008Women Pro/1/2
Holly Roberts28Land Park Criterium3003/15/2008W 1/2/3
Holly RobertsDNFBariani Road Race3903/16/2008W 1/2/3
Holly Roberts4CCCX #5504/06/2008Beginner Women
Holly Roberts2Madera Stage Race - Criterium2204/12/2008Master Womens 35+
Holly Roberts14Madera Stage Race - Sharon Time Trial2204/12/2008Master Womens 35+
Holly Roberts16Madera Stage Race - Daulton Road Race17 (finishers)04/13/2008Master Womens 35+
Holly Roberts16Madera Stage Race - GC17 (finishers)04/12/2008 - 04/13/2008Master Womens 35+
Joel Jacobson24Menlo Park Crit713/8/20083
Eric Balfus5Hellyer Velodrome Weds Night Series184/16/08A
Kalen Gruber24thMadera Stage Race494/13/2008Pro,1,2
Holly Roberts3Sea Otter MTB Amateur Cross Country Race1604/18/2008Beginner Women 40-44
Jake Goldfield16Sea Otter RR47 (44 finished)April 18th, 20084
Nikka van den Dries3rdSea Otter Crit34/18/08Jr girl 18 and under
Nikka van den Dries3rdCopperopolis53/22/08Jr girl 14 and under
Lucia Mokres4Sea Otter Classic Road Race374/20/084
Filip Vanacht23Sea Otter Classic Road Race8004/19/083
Rich Hill11Hellyer Get Ready for Summer #2164/20/08C
Matthew Carinio14Sea Otter Cicuit Race704/18/083
Matthew CarinioDNFSea Otter Road Race804/19/083
Carole Sykes6thMadera Criterium264/12/2008Women's CAT 4
Filip Vanacht11Wente Vineyards Road Race8504/26/083
Eric Balfus8Get Ready for Summer144/19/08A
Eric Balfus40-ish (results not posted)Martinez Bay Front Criterium1004/5/08P/1/2
Steven Reid27Wente Classic Crit10404/27/08P/1/2
Kimi Sudbrink3Wente Criterium264/27/08W4
Joel JacobsonpackMartinez crit704/5/20083
Joel Jacobson27Wenti crit1004/27/20083
Sean Wayman17thWente Crit504-27-2008Elite 5
Jake Goldfield22Wente Vineyards Road Race924/26/20084
David Puglia3rd M55+Wente Criterium M45 + / 55+75 Combined (~20 M55+)4/27/08Masters 55+
Kalen Gruber60thWente Criterium1204/27/2008Pro,1,2
Steven Woo47Wente Road Race9326 April35+ 4
Eric Balfus65Wente Vineyards Criterium884/27/08P/1/2
Eric Balfus1Hellyer Velodrome Weds Night Series114/30/08A
Brian Twiggs7CCCX Mtn Bike Race 574/06/08JUNIOR 13 and under
Brian Twiggs22Sea Otter Super D254/18/08Junior Male 18 and Under
Chris Twiggs10CCCX Mtn Bike Race 5174/06/08BEGINNING MEN 45-54
Chris Twiggs33Sea Otter Super D484/18/08Open Male 40-49
Chris Twiggs56Sea Otter SRAM XC844/18/08XC Beginner 45-49 Male
Filip Vanacht5Cat's Hill Classic7505/03/083
Carole Sykes28Wente Road Race424/26/2008Women's CAT 4
Carole Sykes11Wente Criterium234/27/2008Women's CAT 4
Lucia Mokres12 (fifth in cat 4)Cat's Hill 265/3/083/4
Carl Hekkert31Cat's Hill Crit705.3.08M35+1-2-3
Mike Perez24Cat's Hill Classic435/3/20085
Steven Woo313 May85Cat's Hill Classic4
Steven Woo6Get Ready for Racing154 MayB
Lisa Hern14Menlo Park Grand Prix178 May 2008Women Cat 4 Master 35+
Lisa Hern9Canada Road TT #11315 March 2008ITT Women
Steven Woo74 + 1 primeEBC/Infovista Crit8510 May35+ 4
David Puglia6thEBC Criterium755/10/08Masters 55+
Steven Reid11thEBC Criterium605/10/08P/1/2
Lucia Mokres17 (crash, borrowed wheel)Berkeley Hills Road Race305/11/084
Jake GoldfieldDNFBerkeley Hills635/11/08Crashed Out, broken fork.
Sean Wayman13EBC Crit505-10-20085
Dale MatsudaDNF (dropped chain, lost contact)Berkeley Hills RR6011May084
Matthew Carinio35SCNCA District Championships505/10/08M35-39
Steven Woo40Berkeley Hills Road Race6012 May4
Michael Simos37Berkeley Hills Road Race605/11/20084
Nikka van den Dries2ndCat's Hill Crit5May 3 2008Jr Girl 13-14
Greg van den Dries2ndSnelling50Feb 23 2008Cat 5
Greg van den DriesDNFCat's Hill40May 3 2008Cat 5
Eric Balfus53Cat's Hill975/3/08P/1/2
Eric Balfus2nd & 3rdTuesday Night Track Racing17 & 165/6/08A
Eric Balfus3rd & 1stTuesday Night Track Racing10 & 105/13/08A
Eric Balfus7Hellyer Velodrome Weds Night Series155/14/08A
Filip Vanacht2Modesto Criterium5005/17/083
David Puglia3rd OmniumGet Ready for Summer105/18/08 B Category Track
Steven Woo32Panoche Pass Road Race4922 May4
Steven Reid12thGolden State Criterium705/24/08P/1/2
Steven Woo19Beat The Clock Canada Time Trial5024 MayMen
Steven WoopackFriday Night Track/Hellyer1023 May3/4 combined
Jake Goldfield31Beat the Clock TT #2505/24/20084 (all cat race)
Lisa Hern5Canada Road TT #21924 May 2998ITT Women
Dale Matsuda48Mt. Hamilton RR75 (started)25May084
Sean Wayman31Memorial Day Crit505-26-20085
Sean Wayman17Memorial Day Crit375-26-2008Masters 35+ 4-5
Nikka van den Dries1stSJ memorial Day Crit255/26/08Jr Girl 13/14
Nikka van den Dries1stPanoche Valley Road Race105/18/08Jr Girl 13/14
Rich HillpackTuesday night track165/27/08B
Joel JacobsonpackSugarCRM Memorial Day Criterium755/27/20083
Kimberly Fong18SugarCRM Mt. Hamilton Classic405/25/2008W P/1/2/3
Kimberly FongpackSugarCRM Memorial Day Crit40+5/26/2008W P/1/2/3
Steven Woo21Mt Hamilton 3925 May35+ 4
Mary-Ellen Ash7Sea Otter - Super D20041808Pro-Elite Women
Mary-Ellen ash27Sea Otter - XC45042008Pro-Elite Women
Mary-Ellen Ash1Wente Crit30+042708W1/2/3
Mary-Ellen Ash15Cat's Hill30050308W1/2
Mary-Ellen Ash5EBC Crit30051008W1/2/3
Mary-Ellen Ash2Memorial Day Crit60052608W1/2/3
Mary-Ellen Ash6Napa Valley Dirt Classic10+041308Pro-Elite Women
Kimberly N. White23East Bay Cyclist Criterium3005/10/2008W 1/2/3
Becky Hill3rdSugarCRM Memorial Day Crit55/26/08Jr Girls 13/14
Becky Hill2ndICCC Dash for Cash Crit45/31/08Jr Girls 13/14
Rich Hill25SugarCRM Memorial Day Crit425/26/08M35+ 3/4
Steven Woo11Dash for Cash7531 May4
Steven Woopack in 3/4 racesFriday Night Racing15-3530 May3/4, P123, 40+
David Puglia6thWheels o Thunder 3/4 M45/55+805/31/08M55+
David Puglia6thWheels o Thunder M45/55+ Open755/31/08M55+
Joel JacobsonpackDash for Cash755/31/083
Filip Vanacht2ICCC Dash for Cash7505/31/083
Filip Vanacht53ICCC Dash for Cash13005/31/08P/1/2/3
Steven Woo41Memorial Day Crit6726 May 4
Steven WoopackMemorial Day Crit3526 May 35+ 4/5 45+ 4/5
Lucia Mokres4Mt. Hamilton RR (Women Cat 4 NorCal/NV Championships)205/25/084
David PugliaPackM45+ Memorial Day Crit755/26/08M45+
Denin Sahovic10Panoche Valley2805/18/2008M35+ 5
Steven Reid15Memorial Day Criterium90+5/26/08P/1/2
Lisa Hern16ICCC Dash for Cash3131 May 2008Women Cat 4
Lisa Hern4Dunlap Time Trial281 June 2008Women Cat 3/4
Steven Woo6Dunlap Memorial TT451 June35+ 4/5
Kerry Stivaletti15Dunlap TT 286/1/20083/4
Kerry Stivaletti12Dash For Cash315/31/08Cat 4 Women
Nikka van den Dries1stDunlap Time Trial46/1/08Jr Girl 13/14
Nikka van den Dries1stICCC dash for cash35/3108Jr Girl 13/14
Mary-Ellen Ash1ICCC Dash for Cash40+05/31/08W1/2/3
Rich Hill4Tuesday night track206/3/08B
Wells, Peter15Sugar CRM Cats Hill Classic16May 3, 2008Jr. 13-14
Wells, Peter17Copperopolis Road Race20March 22, 2008Jr. 13-14
Wells, Peter13Cherry Pie Crit.16February 10, 2008Jr. 13-14
Rick Adams1stSUGARCRM MEMORIAL DAY CRITERIUM45Mon 5/26/2008 M45+ 3/4
Matthew CariniopackMemorial Day Crit505/19/08M35 1-3
Matthew CariniopackMemorial Day Crit505/19/08M35 3/4
Filip Vanacht62 Wheel Criterium4006/08/083
Lucia Mokres1Ross' Epic Hill Climb46/7/083
Denin Sahovic16Ross' Epic Hill Climb246/7/2008M35+ 5
Lisa Hern1NorCal/Nevada District TT Championship48 June 2008Cat 4
Kerry Stivaletti 3NorCal/NV TT Championships46/8/2008Cat 4
matthew valencia17snelling road race2502/16/08JR 13-14
matthew valencia20copperopolis road race2003/22/08jr 13-14
matthew valencia3sugarCRM memorial crit1205/26/08JR 10-12
matthew valencia4wheels of thunder:dash for cash705/31/08JR 10-12
matthew valencia6dunlap memorial TT1006/02/08JR 10-12
Lucia Mokres5Pescadero Coastal Classic606/14/08combined 3/4
matthew valencia4thcyclesport crit1206/14/08JR 10-12
Nikka van den Dries1stDistrict Crit Championship - Livermore Crit56/14/2008Jr Girl 13/14
Greg JuneauDNFSnelling75+Feb 16th 2008Pro 1,2
Greg Juneau15th or 16thMenlo Park80+Mar 3rd 2008Master 35+ 1,2,3
Greg Juneau33Zamora RR90+Mar 16th, 2008Master 35+ 1,2,3
Greg JuneauDNFCat's Hill80+May 3rd, 2008Pro 1,2
Greg Juneau18thPanoche Valley RR25May 18thPro 1,2
Greg Juneau47thMemorial Day Crit95May 26th, 2008Pro 1,2
Greg Juneauback o' packDash 4 cash135May 31, 2008Pro 1,2
Greg Juneau23Dash 4 cash48May 31, 2008Master 35+ 1,2,3
Jenson LeeDNFCat's Hill Classic1005/3/08P/1/2
Jenson Lee10EBC Criterium585/10/08P/1/2
Jenson LeeDNFBerkeley Hills RR425/11/08P/1/2
Jenson Lee37Modesto Criterium505/17/08P/1/2
Jenson LeeDNFModesto RR275/18/08P/1/2
Jenson LeepackGolden State Criterium665/24/08P/1/2
Jenson Lee30SugarCRM Memorial Day Criterium955/26/08P/1/2
Jenson Lee22ICCC Dash for Cash1445/31/08P/1/2
Jenson LeeDNF2 Wheel Criterium506/8/08P/1/2
Steven Reid27Dunlap TT336/1/08P/1/2
Ryan WongfieldEarly Bird502/3/082
Ryan WongfieldCherry Pie crit1002/10P,1,2
Ryan Wong64Merco RR1203/2/082
Ryan Wong10Menlo Park GP803/8/08M35+
Ryan Wong5Visalia Crit303/16/082
Ryan Wong30Wente Crit90+4/27/08P,1,2
Ryan Wong5EBC Crit90+5/10/08M35+
Ryan Wong23Sugar CRM Memorial Day Crit955/26/08P,1,2
Lisa Hern37 (12th Cat 4)Pescadero Coastal Classic Road Race59 (23 Cat 4)14 June 2008Cat 3/4
Holly Roberts26Martinez Bayfront Criterium2804/05/2008Women's Pro 1/2/3
Holly RobertsDNFWente Vineyards Criterium3604/27/2008Women's 1/2
Holly RobertsDNFCat's Hill Criterium2405/03/2008Women's 1/2/3
Holly Roberts44Sugar CRM Memorial Day Criterium4905/26/2008Women's 1/2/3
Holly Roberts17ICCC Dash for Cash2305/31/2008Women's 1/2
Holly Roberts4Specialized/Sierra Nevada Criterium1606/14/2008Women's 1/2/3
Holly Roberts6Group C Scratch Race1205/28/2008C
Holly Roberts4Hellyer Wed Night Racing - Miss and Out1205/28/2008Group C
Holly Roberts7Hellyer Wed Night Racing - Omnium1205/28/2008Group C
Holly Roberts3Hellyer Festival of Speed - 200M TT306/15/2008Elite Women
Holly Roberts2Hellyer Festival of Speed - 200M TT406/15/2008Master Women's 40+
Holly Roberts4Hellyer Festival of Speed - 500M TT406/15/2008Master Women's 40+
Filip Vanacht3Napa Downtown Gran Prix6006/21/083
matthew valencia5diablo hill climb806/22/08JR 10-12
Steven Woo44Pescadero Road Race7514 June35+ 4/5
Kimberly Fong7Pescadero Road Race20+06/14/08W 1/2
Steven Woo14Mt Diablo Hill Climb TT2322 June4
Lisa Hern6Mt. Diablo Hill Climb1722 June 2008Cat 4 Women
Kerry Stivaletti 7Livermore CycloSports Crit106/14/08Cat 3/4
Kerry Stivaletti15Mt. Diablo Hill Climb176/22/2008Cat 4
Mary-Ellen Ash3rdSpecialized/Sierra Nevada Crit30+06/14/08W1/2/3
Mary-Ellen Ash13Nevada City Classic20+06/15/08W1/2
Mary-Ellen Ash1Napa Downtown Grand Prix20+06/21/08W1/2/3
Rich Hill4Tuesday night track166/10/08B
Rich Hill6th points, 7th scratch, 7th Miss&outWednesday night track156/18/08B
Denin Sahovic44Mt. Diablo Hill Climb746/22/2008M35+ 4/5
Lucia Mokres12Mt Diablo Hill Climb156/22/081/2/3
Brian Twiggs4CCCX Mtn Bike Race 645/24/08JUNIOR 13 and under
Brian Twiggs4CCCX Mtn Bike Race 746/01/08JUNIOR 13 and under
Brian Twiggs2CCCX Mtn Bike Race 826/15/08JUNIOR 13 and under
Brian Twiggs2CCCX Mtn Bike Race 926/29/08JUNIOR 13 and under
Chris Twiggs11CCCX Mtn Bike Race 6135/24/08BEGINNING MEN 45-54
Chris Twiggs16CCCX Mtn Bike Race 7196/01/08BEGINNING MEN 45-54
Chris Twiggs8CCCX Mtn Bike Race 8146/15/08BEGINNING MEN 45-54
Filip Vanacht5Burlingame Criterium7506/29/083
Steven Woocaught in crash,after the packBurlingame Criterium6529 June4
Steven Woo6Burlingame Criterium8029 June35+ 4
Joel JacobsonDNFburlingame60+6/29/083
Ryan Wong27Burlingame Crit100+6/29/08P,1,2
Ryan Wong382 Wheel Criterium616/8/08P,1,2
Ryan WongDNP (23 if counted)Napa Grand Prix656/21/08P,1,2
David Puglia5thBurlingame Criterium70 45/55+ Combined6/29/08M55+
David Puglia2nd & 2ndTuesday Night Track (Points Race)146/17/08B
Eric Balfus55SugarCRM Memmorial Day Criterium955/26/08P/1/2
Eric Balfus10Burlingame Criterium1016/29/08M 1/2/3
Eric Balfus42Burlingame Criterium1016/29/08P/1/2
Eric Balfus3 & 2Tues Night Race Series at Hellyer7 & 185/20/08A
eric Balfus4 & 3Tues Night Race Series at Hellyer15 & 156/7/08A
eric Balfus8 & naTues Night Race Series at Hellyer11 & 76/24/08A
Chris Twiggs10CCCX Mtn Bike Race 9156/29/08BEGINNING MEN 45-54
Brian Twiggs22008 CCCX MTB Series Points Final Standings126/29/08 FinalsJUNIOR 13 and under
Chris Twiggs62008 CCCX MTB Series Points Final Standings396/29/08 FinalsBEGINNING MEN 45-54
Steven Reid21stDavis 4th of July Criterium1207/4/08P/1/2
Kimberly Fong7Napa Downtown Gran Prix166/21/2008W 1/2/3
Andrew Biscardi7Dunlap Memorial Time Trial906/02/2008Junior 13-14
Andrew Biscardi13SugarCRM Memorial Day Criterium1505/26/2008Junior 13-14 Men
Steven WooDNFVacaville Grand Prix616 July4
Steven Woo11Vacaville Grand Prix616 July35+ 4/5
Andrew Biscardi5thDavis 4th of July Criterium707/04/2008Junior 13-14 Men
matthew valencia1stdavis 4th of july crit507/04/0810-12 JR
Denin Sahovic34 Davis 4th of July Criterium424 July 2008Cat 5
Denin Sahovic28 ( 4 in Cat 5 )Vacaville Grand Prix446 July 2008M35+ 4/5
Lisa Hern3Coyote Creek Circuit Race1112 July 2008Women Cat 4
Steven WooDNF( flat first lap)Coyote Creek Circuit Race7512 July4
Steven Woo8th, 1 prime, flat last lapCoyote Creek Circuit Race7512 July35+ 4/5
Sean Wayman7thCoyote Creek507/12/085
Sean WaymanpackCoyote Creek757/12/08M35+ 4/5
Filip Vanacht26Coyote Creek Circuit Race5007/12/08P/1/2
Steven Reid11thLafayette Criterium557/13/08P/1/2
Steven Woo20th?Spring Hill Road Race~7513 July35+ 4/5
Lucia Mokres15Coyote Creek Circuit Race207/12/08cat 3 in 1/2/3 field
Rich Hill10th omniumWed night track176/25/08B
Rich Hill10-omniumWed night track177/9/08A/B
Rich Hill41Davis Criterium607/4/08M35+ 4
Carl Hekkert28Downieville XC357.12.08Expert
Andrew Biscardi4thDavis 4th of July Criterium607/04/2008Men-junior-13/14
matthew valencia30lafayette crit3807/13/08elite 5 male
Kimberly Fong7Leesville Gap Road Race~207/5/2008W 1/2/3
Kimberly Fong22Vacaville Gran Prix287/6/2008W 1/2
Kimberly Fong10Lafayette Criterium217/13/2008W 1/2/3
Becky Hill1Davis 4th of July Criterium17/4/08Jr girls 13/14
Shelly Hill1Davis 4th of July Criterium17/4/08Jr girls 10/12
Shelly Hill3NorCal/Nevada State Junior Track Championship37/19/08Jr girls 10/12
Becky Hill2NorCal/Nevada State Junior Track Championship27/19/08Jr girls 13/14
Becky Hill8 (omnium)Wed Night Track97/9/08C
Kerry Stivaletti6Coyote Creek117/12/08Cat 4 Women
Lisa Hern4Canada Road TT July 191219 July 2008Individual TT Women
Lisa Hern1Canada Road TT July 19119 July 20082 Man TT Women
Kerry Stivaletti11Canada Road TT July 19127/19/08Womens TT Individual
Kerry Stivaletti1Canada Road TT July 1917/19/08Women's 2 Man TT
Rich Hill7 omniumWed night track127/16/08B
matthew valencia28coyote creek circuit37july 12men cat 5
Jake Goldfield15Beat the Clock TT 297/19/20084 (all cat race)
Kimberly Fong11BBC Criterium1307/20/2008W 1/2
Kimberly Fong5Watsonville Criterium1207/19/2008W 1/2/3
Denin Sahovic19 ( 3rd in Cat 5 )BBC Criterium307/20/2008M35+ Cat 5
Kalen Gruber30thCoyote Creek Circuit Race447/12/2008Pro,1,2
Eric Balfus38Coyote Creek447/12/08P/1/2
Lisa HernTop Ten (They had no camera, captured only top 3 in official results. Egad man, but there are witnesses!)Lafayette Crit1713 July 2008Cat 4 Women
Lisa Hern1Spano Law Firm Tuesday Night Crit~2517 June 2008C
Lisa Hern1Spano Law Firm Tuesday Night Crit~2524 June 2008C
Lisa Hern3Spano Law Firm Tuesday Night Crit~2510 June 2008C
Lisa Hern~4Spano Law Firm Tuesday Night Crit~258 July 2008C
Lisa Hern~3Spano Law Firm Tuesday Night Crit~2515 July 2008C
Lisa Hern2Spano Law Firm Tuesday Night Crit~2522 July 2008C
Lisa HernDNF - CrashSpano Law Firm Tuesday Night Crit~251 July 2008C
Steven Woo32Santa Cruz Mountain Challenge Jamison Time Trial9426 JulyMen
Steven Woo~10Fort Ord Road Race~452 August35+ 4/5
Steven Woo35Timpani Crit~603 August4
Sean Wayman19thTimpani508/03/08Elite 5
Sean Wayman22ndWatsonville Crit337/19/2008Elite 5
Lisa Hern20Timpani Criterium273 August 2008Cat 4 Women
Eamonn Gormley28Timpani Crit508/3/8Men's 5
Filip Vanacht5Timpani Criterium8508/04/08P/1/2
Rich Hill41Timpani Criterium1008/3/084
Shelly Hill2Timpani Criterium28/3/08Jr Girls 10/12
Becky Hill2Timpani Criterium48/3/08Jr Girls 13/14
Kimberly N. White9Watsonville Crit117/19/2008W 1/2/3/4
Kimberly N. White26 Pescadero Coastal Classic Road Race 596/14/2008W 3/4
Kimberly N. White11Timpani Criterium198/3/2008W 3
Eric Balfus15Watsonville Criterium307/19/08M 1/2/3
Eric Balfus17Watsonville Criterium257/19/08P/1/2
Dale Matsuda60 last lap crashTimpani Crit85 started03Aug084
Lisa HernPackSpano Law Firm Tuesday Night Crit305 August 2008B
Lisa Hern2Spano Law Firm Tuesday Night Crit~2529 July 2008C
matthew valencia1timpain crit4aug 3jr 10-12
matthew valencia7jr nationals ITT43aug 6jr 10-12
Lisa Hern8Wednesday Night Track146 August 2008C
Lisa Hern4Points Race - Wednesday Night Track146 August 2008C
Lisa Hern7Wednesday Night Racing - Miss and Out126 August 2008C
Kimberly Fong4NCNCA District RR Championships278/2/2008W 1/2/3
Kimberly Fong1NCNCA U23 District RR Championships28/2/2008U23 Women
Kimberly Fong10National Road Championships Time Trial118/7/2008U23 Women
Kimberly Fong14National Road Championships Criterium208/7/2008U23 Women
matthew valencia8jr nationals CRIT48AUG 7jr 10-12
matthew valencia6JR national championship/road race50aug 8jr 10-12
Steven Reid16thTimpani Criterium848/3/08P/1/2
Steven Reid29thUSA Cycling National Championships Individual Time Trial1348/6/08Junior 17-18
Steven Reid12thUSA Cycling National Criterium Championships1338/7/08Junior 17-18
Steven Woo8Esparto Time Trial3510 August35+ 4/5
Lisa Hern23 (8 - Cat4) Carrera de San Rafael419 August 2008Cat 3/4 Women
Lucia Mokres5Patterson Pass Road Race98/9/083
Steven Woo19Patterson Pass Road Race459 August35+ 4/5
Dale Matsuda15~Patterson Pass20~09Aug0835+ 4/5 (B)
Lisa Hern~3Spano Law Firm Tuesday Night Crit~2512 August 2008C
Lisa Hern6Wednesday Night Track - Scratch Race~1513 August 2008C
Lisa Hern6 at finishWednesday Night Track - Points Race1513 August 2008C
Tim Montagne1stElite Nats Qualifer Team Sprint4 teams8/9/082
Tim Montagne2ndAlpenrose Challenge 40+ sprint207/19/082
Tim Montagne5thAlpenrose Challenge 50+ 500m TT127/18/082
Tim Montagne8thElite Nats Qualifier Sprint158/10/082
Tim Montagne1stMasters State Track 50+ Team Sprint28/3/082
Tim Montagne5thAmerican Velodorme Challenge San Jose 1 lap56/21/082
Tim Montagne12thAmerican Velodrome Challenge Elite Sprint186/21/082
Steven Woo~35Winters Road Race~5016 August35+ 4/5
Lucia Mokres2Winters Road Race158/16/083
Steven Woo14Suisun Crit4017 August35+ 3/4/5
Lisa Hern3Wednesday Track - Win and Out1420 August 2008C
Lisa Hern2Wednesday Track - Miss N Out1420 August 2008C
Carole Sykes9thTimpani Crit278/3/2008Women's CAT 4
Lisa Hern2Wednesday Track - Group C Omnium1420 August 2008C
Lisa Hern1Wednesday Track - Tempo Race1420 August 2008C
Sean Wayman11thWinters Road Race468/16/2008Masters 35+ Cat 5
Steven Woo1San Ardo Road Race6023 August35+ 4/5
Steven Woo~47University Road Race~5024 August35+ 4/5
nikka van den dries1stTimpani4AugJr women 13/14
nikka van den dries7thTimpani20AugCat 4 women
nikka van den dries7thBerkeley Crit20AugCat 4 women
nikka van den dries44thMt. Diablo Hill Climb60July 2008Cat 3/4 women
nikka van den dries6thUS National Time Trial25Aug 2008Jr women 13/14
nikka van den dries7thUS National Jr. Crit25Aug 2008Jr women 13/14
nikka van den dries7thUS National Jr. road race25Aug 2008Jr women 13/14
nikka van den dries7thUS National Jr. track 500 TT14Aug 2008Jr women 13/14
nikka van den dries9thUS National Jr. track team sprint14Aug 2008Jr women 13/14
nikka van den dries8thUS National Jr. track 4k scratch14Aug 2008Jr women 13/14
greg van den dries35thLivermore Crit50July 2008cat 5
greg van den driesDNPCoyote Creek Crit50July 2008cat 5
greg van den driesDNPTimpani Crit50Aug 2008cat 5
greg van den dries35Davis Crit50July 2008cat 5
Andrew Biscardi7Timpani Criterium708/03/2008Junior 13-14 men
matthew valencia9500M TT/ track nationals1608/14/2008jr 10-12
matthew valencia31K scratch/ track nationals1608/15/0810-12 jr
matthew valencia62K scratch/ track nationals1708/16/08jr 10-12
Steven Woo7Giro di San Francisco~601 September35+ 4/5
Steven Woo27Giro di San Francisco~701 September4
Sean Wayman31Giro de San Francisco659-01-08Masters 35+ 4/5
Steven Reid22ndGiro d'San Francisco1179/1/08P/1/2
Kerry Stivaletti10Giro SF259/1/2008Cat 4 Women
Kimberly Fong7U23 National Road Race Championships2008/09/2008U23
Kimberly Fong6Winters Road Race3008/16/2008W 1/2
Kimberly FongSuisun Harbor Crit153008/17/2008W 1/2/3
Kimberly Fong8San Ardo Road Race2008/24/2008W 1/2
Kimberly Fong12University Road Race3008/24/2008W 1/2
Kimberly Fong2Challenge Road Race508/30/2008W 1/2
Filip Vanacht35Giro Di San Francisco11809/01/08P/1/2
Dale Matsuda~15University39 starting24Aug0835+ 4/5
Dale Matsuda18Challenge RR~2730Aug084
Steven Woo1Warnerville ITTum, 36 September4
Denin Sahovic35Dunnigan Hills RR4831 Aug 2008M35+ 4/5
Denin Sahovic18Giro di San Francisco561 Sep 2008M35+ 4/5
Denin Sahovic41Giro di San Francisco591 Sep 20084/5
matthew valenciadnpdunnigan508/31/08men cat 5
matthew valenciadnpberkeley crit4007/20/08men cat 5
Steven Woo9Benicia Town Race607 September4
Steven Woo3Benicia Town Race657 September35+ 4/5
Sean Wayman8Benecia Town Race429-7-085
Sean Wayman17Benecia Town Race659-7-0835+ 4/5
Lisa Hern(Time 2.57.18) -Masters Nationals Track Women - 2 KM TT - 35-39 73 September 2008Master Women 35-39
Lisa Hern(Time 47.53) - 6Beat the Clock Track Day - 500m TT716 August 2008Track Bikes - Women
Lisa Hern14Lotoja Classic Road Race (206 miles from Logan, UT to Jackson, WY)276 September 2008Women Cat 4
Tim Montagne1stMaster National Track Chamionships Team Sprint6 teams9/7/08master 40+
Mike PerezDNF MechanicalLARPD CX 1169/8/08B
Greg JuneauDNFDunnigan Hills60Aug. 31, 2008Pro 1,2
Greg Juneau15University RR25aug. 24th, 2008Master 35+ 1,2,3
Greg Juneau7thTimpani56Aug. 3rd, 2008Master 35+ 1,2,3
Greg Juneau44Timpani85Aug 3. 2008Pro 1,2
Kimberly FongDNFDunnigan Hills RR1308/31/08W 1/2
Kimberly Fong40-somethingSF Twilight Crit6009/06/2008W P/1/2
Lucia Mokres20? This is wrong, results offUniversity Road Race298/24/083 in 1/2/3
Lucia Mokres9Dunnigan Hills RR9 (= how to lose field sprint)8/31/083
Lucia Mokres14Giro di San Francisco22 9/1/083
Lucia Mokres7Benicia Criterium139/7/083 in 3/4
Steven Woo19CCCX #12521 SeptemberC
Steven WooNoneHellyer Friday Night Racing12-2019 September123 and 40+ 123
Lisa Hern2Canada Road TT Sept 20220 September 2008Women - 2 Person TT
Steven ReiddnpVisalia Crit253-16-082
Steven ReiddnpCat's Hill Crit985-3-08P/1/2
Steven ReiddnpPanoche RR305-18-08P/1/2
Steven ReiddnpNapa GP636-21-08P/1/2
Steven ReiddnpBurlingame Crit1016-29-08P/1/2
Brianne Burgess28Cherry Pie Crit55Feb 10 2008W123
Brianne Burgess38Merco Grand Prix49March 1 2008W123
Brianne Burgess26Merco Road Race64March 2 2008W12
Brianne Burgess2Santa Cruz Crit23April 6 2008W123
Brianne Burgess2madera crit25April 11 2008W12
Brianne Burgess17madera TT25April 11 2008W12
Brianne Burgess4Madera Road Race25April 12 2008W12
Brianne Burgess1Wente RR35April 26W123
Brianne Burgess12Wente Crit35April 27 2008W123
Brianne Burgess5Cat's Hill Crit24May 3 2008W123
Brianne Burgess7Berkeley Hills RR23May 11 2008W12
Brianne Burgess11Mt. Hamilton RR40May 25 2008W123
Brianne Burgess14Pescadero RR22June 4 2008W123
Jenson LeeDNFNapa Downtown Grand Prix606/21/08P/1/2
Jenson Lee55Burlingame Criterium1016/29/08P/1/2
Jenson LeeDNFVacaville Grand Prix1017/06/08P/1/2
Jenson Lee14Coyote Creek Circuit Race467/12/08P/1/2
Jenson Lee16Lafayette Criterium527/13/08P/1/2
Jenson LeeDNFWatsonville Criterium257/19/08P/1/2
Jenson LeeDNFBerkeley Bike Club Criterium507/20/08P/1/2
Jenson LeeDNFNorthern CA/NV Elite RR Championships658/2/08P/1/2
Jenson Lee15Timpani Criterium848/3/08P/1/2
Jenson Lee15Timpani Criterium848/3/08P/1/2
Jenson Lee39Carrera de San Rafael908/9/08P/1/2
Jenson Lee27Winters RR668/16/08P/1/2
Jenson LeeDNFSuison Harbor Criterium618/17/08P/1/2
Jenson Lee26San Ardo RR558/23/08P/1/2
Jenson LeeDNFDunnigan Hills RR668/31/08P/1/2
Jenson LeeDNFMetromint Giro di San Francisco1209/1/08P/1/2
Jenson Lee15San Bruno HC151/1/08P/1/2
Jenson Lee6Early Bird Criterium~501/6/08P/1/2
Jenson LeepackEarly Bird Criterium~701/13/08P/1/2
Jenson LeepackEarly Bird Criterium~701/20/08P/1/2
Jenson LeepackEarly Bird Criterium~701/27/08P/1/2
Jenson LeeDNFEarly Bird Criterium~701/27/08P/1/2
Jenson LeeDNFEarly Bird Criterium502/3/08P/1/2
Jenson LeeDNFCherrie Pie Criterium1132/10/08P/1/2
Jenson Lee9Cantua Creek RR102/16/08P/1/2
Jenson Lee5Norlund Construction Corporate Crit412/17/082/3
Jenson Lee16Norlund Construction Corporate Crit232/17/08P/1/2
Jenson Lee39Snelling RR1002/16/08P/1/2
Jenson Lee17Merco Credit Union Downtown Grand Prix893/1/08P/1/2
Jenson Lee20Merco Credit Union Foothills RR1153/2/08P/1/2
Jenson LeeDNFCentral Valley Classic~303/9/082
Jenson Lee12Land Park Criterium~573/15/08P/1/2
Jenson Lee20Sequoia Classic Criterium283/16/08P/1/2
Jenson LeeDNFMartinez Bay Front Criterium934/5/08P/1/2
Jenson Lee29Sea Otter Classic Circuit Race304/17/082
Jenson LeeDNFSea Otter Classic Road Race964/18/08P/1/2
Jenson LeeDNFSea Otter Classic Road Race964/18/08P/1/2
Jenson LeeFinishedWente Vineyards Road Race884/26/08P/1/2
Jenson Lee22Wente Vineyards Criterium884/27/08P/1/2
Steven Woo14CCCX #2, Fort Ord2628 SeptemberC
Mike Perez17CCCX # 2279/28/08B
Bob Skubis6thCCCX Cyclocross #118Sept. 21st45+ B
Bob Skubis4thCCCX Cyclocross #219Sept. 28thM45+ B
Brian Heneghan3rd / 3rd GCVuelta de San Jose TT609/27Open
Brian Heneghan10th / 2nd GCVuelta de San Jose Crit.309/27A
Brian HeneghanLastVuelta de San Jose R.R.30 / ? GC9/28A
Brian Heneghan15thChicago Criterium1007/27Master's 30+
Brian HeneghanDNFChicago Criterium1209/27Pro/1/2
Brian HeneghanDNFWente Criterium1004/27Master's 35+
Brian HeneghanDNSWente Criterium1004/27Pro/1/2
Brian Heneghan50 thCat's Hill1055/3Pro/1/2
Brian Heneghan25thSugarCRM Memorial Day Criterium 805/26Master's 35+
Brian Heneghan17thTour de Nez 506/21Master's 30+
Brian HeneghanDNFBurlingame Criterium806/29Master's 35+
Brian Heneghan35thBurlingame Criterium1006/29Pro/1/2
Brian Heneghan25thCoyote Creek507/12Pro/1/2
Brian Heneghan50thTimpani Criterium908/3Pro/1/2
Brian Heneghan8thBeat the Clock TT?9/20Men's ITT
Brian Heneghan7thBeat the Clock TT?8/16Open
Brian Heneghan8thBeat the Clock TT?5/24Open
Kimberly Fong3Everest Challenge Stage 169/20/2008W 1/2
Kimberly Fong3Everest Challenge Stage 269/21/2008W 1/2
Eamonn GormleyDNFSan Ardo Road Race5008/23/2008Mens 5
Steven Woo13Sacramento CX #2, Vacaville335 OctoberC
Rich Hill14Low Key Hill Climb #1, Montebello6910/4/08Men
Bob Skubis3rdCCCX #3 Cyclocross17Sept. 12, 2008M45 B
Steven Woo18CCCX #3, Laguna Seca2712 OctoberC
Karla Kingsley11Cherry Pie Criterium602/10/20082
Karla KingsleyDNFTour of California Women's Crit802/17/08P/1/2
Karla Kingsley18Merco Credit Union Downtown Gran Prix603/1/08P/1/2
Karla Kingsley12Merco Credit Union Road Race603/2/08P/1/2
Lisa Hern5:50:032008-09 Sloughs Winter Series - SJBC - Prologue 10112 October 2008Men/Women Open
Karla Kingsley50Land Park Criterium803/15/08Men's 3
Karla Kingsley18Land Park Criterium303/15/08P/1/2
Karla Kingsley5Bariani Road Race403/16/08W 1/2/3
Karla KingsleyDNFWente Vineyards Criterium354/27/08W 1/2/3
Karla Kingsley11Wente Vineyards Road Race304/26/08W 1/2/3
Karla Kingsley4EBC Criterium405/10/08W 1/2/3
Karla Kingsley35Golden State Criterium505/24/08Men's 3
Karla Kingsley9Memorial Day Criterium505/26/08W 1/2/3
Karla Kingsley14Dash for Cash355/31/08W 1/2/3
Karla Kingsley40Dash for Cash705/31/08Men's 3
Karla Kingsley1Sierra Nevada Specialized Criterium176/14/08W 1/2/3
Karla Kingsley11Nevada City Criterium196/15/08W 1/2/3
Karla Kingsley2Napa Valley Gran Prix196/21/08W 1/2/3
Karla Kingsley8Davis 4th of July Criterium457/4/08W 1/2/3
Karla Kingsley1Ray Basso Criterium, Superweek607/15/08W 1/2/3
Karla Kingsley7Ray Basso Criterium 2, Superweek607/16/08W 1/2/3
Karla Kingsley11Superweek - Whitefish Bay Criterium607/17/08W 1/2/3
Karla Kingsley7Ripon Criterium, Superweek607/18/08W 1/2/3
Karla Kingsley6Timpani Criterium308/2/08W 1/2/3
Karla Kingsley5Carrera de San Rafael408/9/08W 1/2/3
Karla Kingsley14US Women's Challenge808/16/08W 1/2/3
Karla Kingsley25US Criterium Nationals868/17/08W 1/2
Karla Kingsley4San Ardo Road Race258/23/08W 1/2/3
Karla Kingsley15University Road Race328/24/08W 1/2/3
Karla Kingsley6Metromint Giro di SF509/1/08W 1/2/3
Karla Kingsley1Benicia Town Race199/7/08W 1/2/3
Karla Kingsley12San Francisco Twilight609/13/08W 1/2
Karla Kingsley1Napa Valley Dirt Classic84/15/08W Expert
Karla Kingsley2Downieville Classic Cross Country157/12/08W Expert
Karla Kingsley1Howell Mountain Challenge88/10/08W Expert
Karla Kingsley1LAPRD CX 19/6/08Women A
Karla Kingsley5Hellyer AVC Points Race256/20/08Women
Karla Kingsley8Hellyer AVC Keirin206/20/08Women
Mary-Ellen Ash14Burlingame Crit50n/aW1/2/3
Mary-Ellen Ash11Davis 4th of July Crit40n/aW1/2/3
Mary-Ellen Ash12Vacaville GP30n/aW1/2
Mary-Ellen Ash1Lafayette Crit30n/aW1/2/3
Mary-Ellen AshDNPNCNCA District Road Championships30n/aW1/2
Mary-Ellen Ash4Timpani Crit30n/aW1/2
Mary-Ellen Ash8San Rafael GP40n/aW1/2
Mary-ellen Ash28Downer's Grove Pro-Challenge80n/aW1/2
Mary-Ellen Ash41National Crit Championships90n/aW1/2
Mary-Ellen ashDNFSF Twilight Crit60n/aW1/2
Brian Twiggs3CCCX Cyclocross #3 710/12/08Jr men 13 & under
Chris Twiggs22CCCX Cyclocross #2269/28/08C men
Chris Twiggs26CCCX Cyclocross #32710/12/08C men
Steven Woo43Pilarcitos CX #17819 Octoberc
Rich Hill20Low Key Hill Climb #2, West Alpine7410/11/08Men
Kerry StivalettipackSpano Law Firm Tuesday Night Crit Series 256/8/08C
Kerry Stivaletti15Spano Law Firm Tuesday Night Crit Series 257/22/08C
Kerry Stivaletti15Spano Law Firm Tuesday Night Crit Series 206/24/08C
Lisa Hern32nd of 97 (with handicap); 61st of 97 (no handicap); 7th of 17 (Cat 4 men/women)2008-09 Sloughs Winter Series - SJBC - ITT (15.x miles)9719 October 2008Men/Women Open
Steven Woo25Surf City Velo Bella CX4526 OctoberC
Bob Skubis1st PlaceSurf City Velo Bella Cyclocross22Oct. 26M45B
Lori Alvarez31Cherry Pie602/10/08W2
Holly Roberts26Burlingame Criterium4506/29/08W1/2/3
Holly Roberts23Vacaville Grand Prix2807/06/08W1/2
Holly Roberts21Lafayette Criterium2107/13/08W1/2/3
Holly Roberts11Watsonville Criterium1207/19/08W1/2/3/4
Holly Roberts13Timpani Criterium1908/03/08W1/2
Holly RobertsdnfCarerra de San Rafael3808/09/08W1/2/3
Holly Roberts3Winters Road Race308/16/08Masters Women 30+
Holly RobertsdnfSuisun Harbor Criterium2408/17/08W1/2/3
Holly Roberts4Hellyer Wed Night Racing - Group C Scratch1408/28/08C
Holly Roberts12Hellyer Wed Night Racing - Group C 3x5 Points1408/28/08C
Holly Roberts6Hellyer Wed Night Racing - Group C Miss N Out1408/28/08C
Holly Roberts7Hellyer Wed Night Racing - Group C Omnium1408/28/08C
Holly Roberts12Track - Masters Nationals - 500 meter TT1309/02/08Women 40-44
Holly Roberts9Track - Masters Nationals - 2K Pursuit909/03/08Women 40-44
Holly Roberts6Track - Masters Nationals - 200 meter TT709/06/08Women 40-44
Holly Roberts2Track - Masters Nationals - Match sprint VS #2 seed209/06/08Women 40-44
Holly Roberts2Track - Masters Nationals - Match sprint for 4th place and entrance to finals409/06/08Women 40-44
Holly Roberts2Track - Masters Nationals - Match sprint for 5th place overall and podium spot309/06/08Women 40-44
Rich Hill9Low Key Hill Climb #4, Bear Gulch5810/25/08Men
Lori AlvarezpackEB#5~751/27/081/2/3
Lori Alvarez13Martinez Bay Front404/5/08W1/2
Lori Alvarez15Wente Crit504/27/08W1/2
Lori Alvarez10EBC Crit305/10/08W1/2
Lori AlvrezpackGolden State Crit505/24/08M3
Lori Alvarez18SugarCRM Memorial505/26/08W1/2
Lori AlvarezpackICCC Dash for Cash305/31/08W1/2
Lori Alvarez11Spec/Sierra Nevada Crit256/14/08W1/2
Lori AlvarezpackBurlingame Crit506/29/08W1/2
Lori AlvarezpackVacaville Grand Prix407/6/08W1/2
Lori Alvarez16Timpani Crit408/3/08W1/2
Lori Alvarez13Suisun Harbor Crit308/17/08W1/2
Lori AlvarezdnfBenicia Crit209/7/08W1/2
Lori AlvarezdnfSan Francisco Twilight Crit709/13/08W1/2
Lori Alvarez5Hellyer Wed Night Racing Group C Scratch158/28/08C
Lori Alvarez12Hellyer Wed Night Racing Group C 3x5 Points148/28/08C
Lori Alvarez8Hellyer Wed Night Racing Group C Miss n Out148/28/08C
Lori Alvarez9Hellyer Wed Night Racing Group C Omnium148/28/08C
Ben Dodge2ndChanoko MTB Duathlon 1402-2-08Open Men 20-29
Ben Dodge2ndChanoko MTB Duathlon 2402-23-08Open Men 20-29
Ben Dodge7thChanoko MTB Duathlon 3403-15-08Open Men 20-29
Ben Dodge6thMTB Challenge 1102-3-08Expert Men 20-29
Ben Dodge2ndMTB Challenge 2102-24-08Expert Men 20-29
Ben Dodge4thMTB Challenge 3103-16-08Expert Men 20-29
Ben DodgeSeries ChampionMTB Challenge Series202/3, 2/24, 3/16 2008Expert Men 20-29
Ben Dodge41stMerco Downtown Crit953-1-08Cat 3 Men
Ben Dodge33rdMerco Foothills Road Race1153-2-08Cat 3 Men
Ben DodgeDNFRonde Van Brisbeen603-30-08Cat 3 Men
Ben Dodge4thWed Night Track104-9-08Cat 2 Men
Ben DodgeDNPWed Night Track154-30-08Cat 2 Men
Ben Dodge26thTuesday Night PIR506-10-08Cat 3 Men (P123 Field)
Ben Dodge33rdTuesday Night PIR607-1-08Cat 3 Men (P123 Field)
Ben DodgeDNFMt Tabor Series 307-9-08Cat 3 Men
Ben DodgeDNFMt Tabor Series 307-9-08Cat 1/2/3 Men
Ben Dodge18thKruger's Kurmese 1258-24-08Men A (1/2/3)
Ben Dodge21stKruger's Kurmese 2339-7-08Men A (1/2/3)
Ben Dodge19thKruger's Kurmese 3259-14-08Men A (1/2/3)
Ben Dodge26thHood River Double Cross319-21-08Men A (1/2/3)
Ben Dodge21stBattle at Barlow449-28-08Men A (1/2/3)
Ben Dodge46thCross Crusade 1759-5-08Men A (1/2/3)
Ben Dodge38thCross Crusade 2759-12-08Men A (1/2/3)
Ben Dodge39thCross Crusade 3659-19-08Men A (1/2/3)
Ben DodgeDNFCross Crusade 66510-02-08Men A (1/2/3)
Steven Woo43Pilarcitos CX #2602 November35+ B
Lisa HernCat 4 Chase Pack2008-09 Sloughs Winter Series - SJBC - Uvas Road Race1029 November 2008Cat 4 (combined men and women)
Steven Woo28Pilarcitos CX #3 - Sierra Point8015 NovemberC
Bob Skubis2ndCCCX Cyclocross #414Nov. 1645B
Lisa Hern22008 Ride the World Cup #3 - 25 Lap Points Race1215 November 2008C
Lisa Hern42008 Ride the World Cup #3 - 25 Lap Motor Paced Scratch Race1215 November 2008C
Rich Hill20Low Key Hill Climb #7, Metcalf6911/15/08Men
Steven Woo7CCCX #4, Fort Ord1416 NovemberC
Ben Dodge41stCross Crusade 75011-9-08Men A (1/2/3)
Ben Dodge33rdCross Crusade 85011-16-08Men A (1/2/3)
Ben Dodge14thKruger's Crossing CX2811-23-08Men A (1/2/3)
Dennis Hopp68Wente Criterium884/27/20081/2 Pro
Dennis Hopp65EBC criterium1005/10/2008Masters 1/2/3
Dennis Hopp65Memorial Day Criterium1005/261/2 pro
Dennis Hopp33ICC Dash for Cash1005/311/2 pro
Dennis HoppdnfTwo wheel Criterium506/81/2 pro
Dennis HoppdnfNapa Grand Prix506/211/2 pro
Dennis Hopp53Burlingame Crit1006/291/2 pro
Dennis HoppdnfVacaville Grand prix1007/61/2 pro
Dennis Hopp23Coyote Creek 457/121/2 pro
Dennis Hopp7Watsonville Crit177/191/2 pro
Dennis Hopp8Timpani Criterium568/6 Masters 123
Dennis Hopp65Timpani808/61/2 pro
Dennis Hopp40Suisun Harbor Criterium608/171/2 pro
Dennis Hopp43Suisun Harbor Criterium608/17Masters 123
Dennis Hoppdnf - tire puncture on final lapSan Ardo RR100 8/231/2 pro
Dennis Hopp14Giro de San Francisco1009/1Masters123
Chris Twiggs21CCCX Cyclocross #52311/23/08C men
Jon Erskine50Menlo GP703/8/08P12
Jon Erskine5Berkeley Hills TTT123/9/08P12
Jon Erskine22Santa Cruz Criterium504/6/08P12
Jon Erskine70Merco Criterium1003/1/08P12
Jon ErskinecrashWente RR1004/26/08P12
Jon Erskine42Cats Hill1005/3/08P12
Jon Erskine29Dunlap TT326/1/08P12
Karla KingsleyDNFMcClaren Park CX2010/19/08Women's A
Karla Kingsley11Candlestick CX2011/2/08Women's A
Karla Kingsley7Sierra Point CX2111/15/08Women's A
Karla Kingsley56Timpani Criterium868/3/08Men's P/1/2
Erik OstlycrashWente Crit754/27/2008M35+ 4
Erik OstlyfieldEBC Criterium755/10/2008M45+
Erik Ostly1SJ Memorial Crit755/26/2008M45+ 4/5
Erik OstlyfieldSJ Memorial Crit755/26/2008M45+ 3/4
Erik Ostly16thDash for Cash1005/31/2008M45+ 3/4
Erik OstlyfieldHellyer Friday Points Race206/13/2008M40+
Erik OstlyfieldHellyer Friday Scratch Race206/13/2008M40+
Erik Ostly7thCycleSports Crit556/14/2008M35+ 3/4
Erik OstlyfieldHellyer AVC Miss & Out256/20/2008M35+
Erik OstlyfieldHellyer AVC Scratch Race256/20/2008M35+
Erik OstlyfieldHellyer AVC Kieran256/21/2008M35+
Erik OstlyfieldHellyer AVC Points Race356/21/2008M35+
Erik Ostly13thBurlingame Crit756/29/2008M35+ 4
Erik OstlyfieldHellyer Friday Night Scratch Race257/11/2008M40+
Erik Ostly3rdHellyer Friday Night Snowball257/11/20083/4
Erik Ostly2ndHellyer Friday Night Scratch257/11/20083/4
Erik Ostly2nd / 3rd / fieldHellyer Wednesday Night20-307/30/2008A and B
Erik OstlyfieldMasters State Points Race208/3/2008M45+
Erik OstlyfieldGiro De San Francisco859/1/200835+ 4/5
Erik Ostly20Masters National Points Race269/3/2008M45-49
Erik OstlyfieldHellyer Friday Night Scratch Race259/29/2008M40+
Erik OstlyfieldHellyer Friday Night Points Race259/19/2008P123
Erik OstlyfieldHellyer Friday Night Miss and Out209/19/2008M40+
Erik OstlyfieldHellyer Friday Night Points Race209/19/2008P123
Erik OstlyfieldHellyer Friday Night Miss and Out259/19/2008P123
George Fuentes10thDinubaCriterium352/18/2008master 35+ 4/5
George Fuentes35thCentral Valley Classic663/9/20084/5 elite
George Fuentes9Central Valley Classic273/9/2008Master 4/5 45+
George Fuentes9thSequoia Classic403/16/2008Master 4 35+
George FuentesfieldSequoia Classic503/16/2008Elite 4
Lucia Mokres1Low Key Hill Climb Series???2008 SeriesWomen-Folk
George Fuentes5thHanfrd Criterium473/30/2008Elite 4/5
George Fuentes3rdHanfrd Criterium563/30/2008Masters 35+ 4/5
Lucia Mokres2Montebello LKHC1410/4/08Women-Folk
Lucia Mokres2Metcalf LKHC1211/15/08Women
Lucia Mokres2Mt Hamilton LKHC1211/27/08Women
George FuentesfieldMartinez Criterium524/5/2008Masters 45+
George FuentesfieldMartinez Criterium924/5/2008Masters 35+ 1/4
George Fuentes26thChuckPontius Criterium494/27/2008Masters 45+
George Fuentes35thChuckPontius Criterium504/27/2008Masters 40+ 4/5
George Fuentesdnf - MechanicalCat's Hill755/3/2008Elite 4
George Fuentes13thSCNCA Elite RR145/11/2008Masters 35+ 3/5
George Fuentesdnf - crash w/4 to goSCNCA Masters Crit Champ.75+6/1/2008Masters 45+
George FuentesfieldSCNCA Masters Crit Champ.75+6/1/2008Masters 40+
George Fuentes30thCycle Sports Criterium436/14/2008Masters 35+ 4/5
George Fuentes4thCycle Sports Criterium406/14/2008Elite 4/5
George Fuentesdnf - flat on last lapManhattan Beach Grand Prix75+6/29/2008Masters 45+
George Fuentes29thWatsonville Criterium50+7/19/2008Elite 4
George Fuentes8thWatsonville Criterium107/19/2008Masters 45+
George Fuentesdnf - flat on last lapManhattan Beach grand Prix75+6/29/2008Masters 45+
George Fuentes26thSan Luis Obispo Criterium40+7/20/2008Masters 45+
George Fuentes24thSan Luis Obispo Criterium50+7/20/2008Masters 30+ 4/5
George Fuentes30thTimpani Criterium858/3/2008Elite 4
George Fuentes15thTimpani Criterium448/3/2008Masters 45+
George Fuentes33rdBrentwood Grand Prix818/17/2008Masters 45+
George Fuentes42ndBrentwood Grand Prix1458/17/2008Masters 35+
George Fuentes22ndGiro di San Francisco569/1/2008Masters 35+ 4/5
George Fuentes39thGiro di San Francisco619/1/2008Masters 45+
George Fuentes31stDam Cross3311/9/2008Master 3/4 35+
George FuentesfieldDam Cross3011/9/2008Masters 45+
Rich Hill19Low Key Hill Climb #9, Mt. Hamilton11211/27/08Men
Rich Hill14Low Key Hill Climb - Series24210/4/08 - 11/27/08Men
Alex Millar11Hellyer Sprint Tournament353/16/200855-59 master
Alex Millar12.43 - 200mLow Key TT - Hellyer254/5/200855-59
Alex Millar37.55 - 200mLow Key TT - Hellyer254/5/200855-59
Alex Millar8Sprint Tournament - Hellyer394/12/200855-59
Alex Millar12.69 - 200mLow Key TT - Hellyer255/3/200855-59
Alex Millar38.75 - 500mLow Key TT - Hellyer255/3/200855-59
Alex Millar3Sprint Tournament - Hellyer115/19/200855-59
Alex Millar12.37 - 200mLow Key TT - Hellyer256/2/200855-59
Alex Millar38.2 - 500mLow Key TT - Hellyer256/2/200855-59
Alex Millar3:15.3 - 2K Low Key TT - Hellyer256/2/200855-59
Alex Millar12.7 - 200mFestival of Speed - Hellyer356/15/200855-59
Alex Millar37.7 - 500mFestival of Speed - Hellyer356/15/200855-59
Alex Millar3:03.0 - 2KFestival of Speed - Hellyer356/15/200855-59
Alex Millar6Sprint Tournament - Hellyer126/30/200855-59
Alex Millar6Sprint Tournament - Hellyer207/20/200855-59
Alex Millar2Masters State Track Champ. - Sprint38/3/200855-59
Alex Millar1Masters State Track Champ. - 500m TT68/3/200855-59
Alex Millar1Masters State Track Champ. - Team Sprint48/3/200850+
Alex Millar36.59Beat the Clock TT - 500m408/16/200855-59
Alex Millar2:56.1 - 2KBeat the Clock TT - Hellyer408/16/200855-50
Alex Millar2Masters Nationals Track Champ - 500m209/2/200855-59
Alex Millar3Masters National Track Champ - Sprint209/2/200855-59
Alex Millar2Masters Nationals Track Champ - Team Sprint9 teams9/2/200850+
Christina Fuentes2ndSCNCA CX Championships212/1/2007Junior Women 10-14
Christina Fuentes1stHart Park Cross 112/2/2007Junior Women 10-14
Christina Fuentes3rdCentral Valley Classic33/9/2008Junior Women 13-14
Christina Fuentes5thCat's Hill55/3/2008Junior Women 13-14
Christina Fuentes4thTimpani Criterium48/3/2008Junior Women 13-14
Christina Fuentes1stDam Cross211/9/2008Junior Women 13-14
Jennifer Van Muckey1stCherry Pie Crit1202.10.08w 35+
Jennifer Van Muckey32ndCherry Pie Crit5502.10.08w 1/2/3
Jennifer Van Muckey61stAmgen TofC Women's Crit9002.17.08p 1/2
Jennifer Van Muckey32ndMerco Grand Prix7003.01.08p 1/2
Jennifer Van Muckey57thMerco Road Race6503.02.08p 1/2
Jennifer Van Muckey12thLandpark Crit3003.15.08w 1/2/3
Jennifer Van Muckey21stMartinez Crit3004.05.08w 1/2/3
Jennifer Van Muckey11thSanta Cruz Crit2504.06.08w 1/2/3
Jennifer Van Muckey14thWente Road Race3504.26.08w 1/2/3
Jennifer Van Muckeycrashed outWente Crit4004.27.08w 1/2/3
Jennifer Van Muckey9thCanada ITT2005.25.08w ITT
Jennifer Van Muckey20thPescadero Road Race2206.14.08w 1/2
Jennifer Van Muckey11thBurlingame Crit4506.29.08w 1/2/3
Jennifer Van Muckey12thLafayette Crit2507.13.08w 1/2/3
Jennifer Van Muckey19thTimpani Crit3808.02.08w 1/2/3
Jennifer Van Muckey9thCarrera de San Rafael3908.09.08w 1/2/3
Jennifer Van Muckey15thUniversity Road Race3208.23.08w 1/2/3
Jennifer Van Muckey25thGiro de San Francisco3809.01.08w 1/2/3
Jennifer Van Muckey14thBenicia Town Race1909.07.08w 1/2/3
Jennifer Van Muckey29thSan Francisco Twilight4209.13.08p 1/2
Aaron Hanna13Early Bird Crit #5502/3/083 in 1/2/3
Aaron HannaDNF (wreck)Cherry Pie Crit902/10/083
Aaron Hanna17Merco Crit913/1/083
Aaron Hanna42Merco RR1143/2/083
Aaron Hanna25Menlo Park Crit853/8/083
Aaron Hanna6Ronde van Brisbeen Crit443/29/083
Aaron Hanna4Ronde van Brisbeen Circuit433/30/083
Aaron Hanna3Ronde van Brisbeen Omnium433/30/083
Aaron Hannatop 20 (no camera)Martinez Bay Front Crit684/5/083
Aaron HannaDNFWente RR864/26/083
Aaron Hanna62ICCC Crit715/31/083
Aaron HannaDNFICCC Crita lot5/31/083 in 1/2/3
Aaron Hanna50Burlingame Crit746/29/083
Aaron Hanna19Vacaville Grand Prix557/6/083
Filip Vanacht21Wente Criterium8004/27/083
Filip Vanacht53SugarCRM Memorial Day Criterium8005/26/083
Chris Tanner24Wente Criterium754/27/08M45
Chris Tanner13EBC Criterium875/10/08M35 1/2/3
Chris Tanner6EBC Criterium755/10/08M45
Chris Tanner5Memorial Day Criterium505/26/08M45 1/2/3
Chris Tanner7Memorial Day Criterium505/26/08m45 3/4
Chris TannerdnpBurlingame Criterium1006/29/08M35 1/2/3
Chris Tanner3Timpani Criterium508/3/08M45
Chris Tanner23Timpani Criterium508/3/08M35 1/2/3
Chris Tanner23Timpani Criterium508/3/08M35 1/2/3
Chris Tanner4Masters Track Nationals - Sprint259/7/08M45-49
Chris Tanner2Masters Track States - Sprint38/2/08M45-49
Rob Jensen35Early Bird Crit 70Jan 111/2/3
Claire JensendnfEarly Bird Crit30January 11Women 3/4
Claire Jensen1stCat's Hill Classic2May 3J W 10-12
Claire Jensen1stSugarCRM Memorial Day Criterium 3May 26J W 10-12
Rob Jensen3rdSugarCRM Memorial Day Criterium 755/26/08M 45+ 3/4
Claire Jensen1stDunlap Time Trial - Jr. State Championships756/1/08J W 10-12
Claire Jensen2ndLivermore Crit - Jr. State Championships36/14/08J W 10-12
Claire Jensen1stTrack - Jr. State Championships37/19/08J W 10-12
Claire Jensen1stTimpani Crit37/19/08J W 10-12
Claire Jensen2ndPanoche Valley RR - Jr. State Championships35/15/08J W 10-12
Rob Jensen1stTrack/Sprint - Masters State Championships38/2/08M45-49
Rob Jensen7thTrack/Kilo - Masters State Championships108/3/08M45-49
Rob Jensen17thTrack/Points - Masters State Championships208/3/08M45-49
Claire Jensen3rd - 46.6sTrack/500mTT - Jr. National Championships68/14/08J W 10-12
Claire Jensen1stTrack/1K Scratch - Jr. National Championships68/15/08J W 10-12
Claire Jensen1stTrack/2K Scratch - Jr. National Championships68/16/08J W 10-12
Claire Jensen1st - National ChampionTrack/Omnium - Jr. National Championships68/16/08J W 10-12
Claire Jensen8Track - American Velodrome Challenge14620/08J Open 10-14
Claire Jensen4Track - Wednesday night racing66/18/08Cs
Claire Jensen9Track - Wednesday night racing97/13/08Cs
Claire Jensen6Track - Wednesday night racing77/30/08Cs
Claire Jensen9Track - Wednesday night racing118/20/08Cs
Rob Jensen3Track - Wednesday night racing106/18/08Bs
Rob Jensen3Track - Wednesday night racing107/30/08Bs
Rob Jensen5Track - Wednesday night racing138/20/08Bs
Claire Jensen3Track - ADT - Pre-Nationals Jr. Races47/13/08J W 10-12
Claire Jensen6Track - ADT - SoCal Cup #194/26/08J W
Rob Jensen7Track - ADT - SoCal Cup #194/26/08Elite Men
Rob Jensen8Track - San Diego- Sprints - SoCal Cup #497/12/08Masters
Claire Jensen4Track - San Diego- omnium - SoCal Cup #487/12/08J 10-12 Open