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Kevin Worley

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Kevin Worley
Kevin Worley
"I started bike racing in 1986 after racing in Triathlons and biathlons for several years. I had to quit running due to a foot injury in 1989 and discovered the velodrome in 1991. "I was finally home!"

" After a five year lay off from active racing, I hit the track again in 2001. Turning 50, several of my racing distances changed, especially the time trial which was now 500 meters instead of a kilometer. After a near miss in 1996, my goal in 2001 was a National Championship in five years when I turned 55."

" That goal was accomplished a year early in 2005 at the Major Taylor Velodrome in Indianpolis Indiana at the USA Cycling Masters Track National Championships. I won two gold medals - 500 Meter Time Trial and Match Sprints."

" In 2006, I successfully defended my titles in Colorado Springs and then won a Silver Medal in the Match Sprints at the Masters World Track Championships in Manchester England."

What do I do when I'm not riding? "For almost 25 years, I've been a Registered Nurse in the Santa Clara County Correctional System. Adults, and juveniles both, I'm a jail nurse. Good job! I also play music, spending five years from 1997 to 2002 trying to make a living at it. Didn't work, so now my wife, Anne, and I are back doing it mostly for fun, still getting out to gig every now and then. We're both avid kayakers, so when I'm not out on my bike, we're out rowing."

"Having accomplished the goals I set for myself in 2001, I'm again retiring, well semi-retiring, from active racing. I'm not quiting entirely, but the operative phrase now is if I can't drive to it, I'm not going. I'm going to try my hand at some coaching. It's something I think I'll be good at. I have a lot of teaching experience as a nurse, so that'll come in handy. I have my USA Cycling Cat 3 coaching license and am currently working on my Health/Fitness Instructor certification from the American College of Sports Medicine."