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Kathryn Woodford

Kathryn Woodford
Kathryn Woodford
Neva and Kathryn in the 1k

Kathryn joined LGBRC in 2014. Here is her story:

"I have been riding bikes since I was a kid until vision loss made riding too difficult an dangerous. In August of 2012, I went down to the Bay Area Outreach Recreation Program, BORP, located in Berkeley and climbed aboard a tandem. The rest is history!

I then attended a Learn To Race Camp at the OTC in Colorado Springs in May of 2013 to learn to race tandems. A super newbie I was introduced to Crit's, Time Trials, Road Races and the track. While I managed to turn in a Talent Pool Standard time for the TT, it was track that really bit me.

Having only one really big, heavy road bike and no money, I kept at road cycling and ended up at the US Para-Road National Championships in Madison in July. While we finished last, I was still close enough to be encouraged. Then the Masters Roads came in September. Silvers earned there and our times improved. But still no track.

Then in the fall, I was accepted to a Talent ID camp at the Chula Vista OTC. I rode with another pilot, Lorri Lown of the Velo Girls. We had a great week and at the end, we were heading for the US Paracycling Track Nationals in Carson. Track is truly crack. 2 Bronzes there and incredible experiences of my first track races.

In February of 2014, was the Los Angeles Para-Track Open held at Carson. I had been training with Lucia Mokres from LGBRC for this event but when she was injured on a training ride (not with me) I had to go searching again with the event 3 weeks away. My search led me to Neva Day, a multiple time World Champion Track Champion and Iron Man star! She had never ridden a tandem so this was a real test of wills and skill. Together we worked for a week at Carson and honed our skills.

We came in 3rd for the 3k, knocking 33 seconds off my PR from Novembers race. AMAZING! Then we came in 2nd in the 1k beating one of the top US Women's tandem teams. We managed to knock 7 seconds off my best kilo time on that race on top of it all. What an accomplishment that was. While we didn't get picked to go to the Worlds in Mexico, we know we are good enough to get close.

I am a sports massage therapist by trade. I don't massage much these days due to a demanding schedule but I really enjoy it.

It has been an honor to wear the colors of the LGBRC at Carson this past February. The community of racers is so supportive and wonderful that I seem to have a friend on every corner. When I came to the Bay Area in 2012, I didn't know a soul. But now I have so many friends. It is really amazing how closely knit and wonderful all of you are. It truly makes my day.