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Alex Williams

As a kid I rode my Diamondback BMX bike everywhere from school to sports practice to home to around the neighborhood. I laugh when I think of attempting the jumps we used to do and some of the crashes I just rode away from. That said, I didn't really discover my current passion until my last quarter of college in 2013 when I built my own frame and started training on it. Soon after I moved up to San Jose and, with the help of some great people, continued building on my new found joy.

Alex's most notable achievement?
"While getting my first official win at the 2016 Dunnigan Hills Road Race was fulfilling and very memorable, I'd say my greatest achievement was my first win of any kind at an SJBC TNC this past June. I consider as such because it was not just my win, but an LGBRC win with my good friend, coworker, and Cat 3 LG racer Aaron Hanna attacking the group to set me up for a last lap solo attack. The attack was totally unplanned but we somehow found ourselves in the perfect spot to work together and get the win."

I'm a Mechanical Design Engineer at Western Digital focusing on plastic component function and optimizing our internal design processes. I was born and raised in Fresno, CA and am a graduate of Cal Poly SLO (Go Mustangs!). Hobbies of mine include work (lol) and golf, which my twin brother and I played competitively as a teenagers. I'm also a diehard Chicago sports fan and a fan of craft beer. Fingers crossed the Cubs pull it out this year.

I'm very new to LGBRC but I'm hoping joining the team will keep me motivated over the course of the year without work getting in the way. Also look forward to meeting the people who give the club its great reputation.

LGBRC Welcomes Alex!