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Jeremy Scott

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Jeremy Scott
Jeremy Scott

Jeremy joined LGBRC in 2015 after participating in the Saturday ride. He has been racing as a cat 5 road racer.

When we asked him how he got interested in cycling he responded, "After playing indoor/outdoor soccer for many years eventually found the sport to be a bit challenging to play at a level I was accustomed to. Cycling was the answer. I truly enjoy the everyday challenges cycling continues to offer."

He considers his most notable cycling achievement to be on Old La Honda. He says, "Climbing Old La Honda for the second time ever in 19:42 was an unbelievable achievement for me. The best part is trying to figure out how to get there 30 seconds faster and 30 more after that. This is what keeps us coming back."

When he's not on a bike? "Working in tech and living in Silicon Valley has afforded many opportunities, but it is always fun to get on something as simple as a bike and ride with a group of people that share the same passion."