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Koushik Sampath

Koushik Sampath
Koushik Sampath
Koushik joined LGBRC in 2013 as a road racer, time trialist and Cat's Hill Volunteer.

He says, "I have been riding since 3 years old when I picked up riding within a day. Over time, tennis and marathons started taking precedence. I have been following the Tour de France since I was 14 (1999) but never got the opportunity growing up in India to race on a bike."

"I endured a knee injury in July '13 and couldn't run for about 16 weeks. The restlessness I felt in not being able to run resulted in me getting a road bike. My second week of riding was the 2013 LKHC. Since then, riding has become a major passion outside of work. My favourite climb is Montebello road, but climbing any steep hill is a party, despite the suffering on the climb!"

"Having a fun and strong LGBRC team only adds to the excitement of riding. I have slowly started becoming fit enough to start racing in the red-white-black colours!"

"I am a software engineer in valley. Riding always clears the mind and makes it a fun day at work, due to high energy levels."

"I was a club level 4 tennis player till recently but haven't picked up my tennis racket in about a year though. Meditation and neuroscience are some other interests that I have and end up reading about them during my free time."