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Tanya Grossman

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Tanya Grossman
Tanya Grossman
Tanya is a category 1/2 road, cyclocross, time trial and crit racer who joined LGBRC in 2013. A former triathlete, she has been cycling competively for over 15 years. and only started bike racing in 2011, when a knee injury finally forced her to stop running consistently. She adds, "I also began to dabble in cyclocross during the off season.  Before I knew it, I had traded in my ankle sock tan lines, collected three more steeds, and was calling the 'other bike' a time trial bike." 

When asked what she considers her greatest cycling achievement, she answers, "I am proud of my podium finishes, and master's nationals placings for my first time around.  However, my greatest "achievement" is also a continuous work in progress: balancing training and racing with a full time job while raising my family."
She says, "I work full time as a physical therapist in the outpatient department at Sutter Health, Eden Campus.  I also have two busy elementary school kids". 

Her training philosophy? "A little of something is better than nothing at all, and sometimes less is better."

Her Racing Motto:  "Suck it up, cupcake!"