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Laurie Fenech

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Laurie Fenech
Laurie Fenech
Photo by Garrett Lau
The 2004 Mt Charleston Hill Climb in Las Vegas sparked my burning desire and evolution toward racing. After 8 years of continued development, my passion for racing continues to grow. Although time trialing and the "all out" perspective sparks the engine; team playing, attacking, bridging, and breaking away brings the spirit home. Stage races, mountainous road races, time trials and downtown technical criteriums are hard to pass up, and I race almost every weekend.

The training, fitness and race discipline parallels my profession: I am an educator in the elementary public school system, teaching kindergarten. You have to be focused to survive and to educate four, five and six year old children, and have the energy to go all out. My profession allows me to have a balanced passion for work and sport.

I have been the Director of the NCNCA "Winner Within" mentoring program (USAC mentored women’s category 4 races) since 2008, and am one of five leaders organizing the NCNCA Early Bird mentored clinics and training races, which I’ve done since 2009.

I am also a mother, trail runner, mountain bike recreational rider and a very humbled crossfit athlete.