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Adrian Aghaie

 Adrian Aghaie

Adrian Aghaie
Adrian joined LGBRC in 2015. He says, "My soccer career ended after a wrist injury. I wanted to keep doing some kind of sport, so cycling it was."

He continues, "I never cared to be in a group ride, for me it started out as riding by my self...Then I got complacent and tired, so I put on my watch and started going faster and faster, I started racing my own shadow, then I figured, physics gets in the way of that, so I started racing against the clock and I got interested in doing Time Trials."

We asked him what he considers his best cycling achievement so far, and he responds, "Riding up to the second stop sign on hicks road "the three way stop" on the painfully steep at sections Camden Avenue exit, only after a month of riding."

When not riding a bike? "I'm a student of Engineering at West Valley college. I also love to zone out and play PC games or just go out and find cool new places to eat with different people. My cycling goals are: To begin training to compete regularly in TT's by the 2016 season, and to be able to go faster than I ever imagined on a bike. My philosophy? Pretend like the world is crumbling behind you with only 1 inch to spare...Pedal like hell."

LGBRC welcomes Adrian!