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John Aadland

John Aadland
John Aadland

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John Aadland joined LGBRC in 2014. He is a participant of the Saturday ride and enjoys road and crit racing.
When asked how he first got interested in cycling, he commented, "My first bike was a shiny gold Schwinn that I received when I was 6 years old growing up in Portland, Oregon! When I turned 10, I had a bicycle paper route, where I delivered the evening paper everyday after school rain or shine! I also built my first BMX bike around age 12 and bought a Raleigh 10-speed racing bike. In 1980, I bought my first mountain bike to ride to work in through the snow-covered streets of Bend, Oregon in the winter. And I have been riding and racing road and mountain bikes ever since!"

His most notable cycling achievement? "Coming in 3rd place in Masters Division (5th place overall), in the 2004 Lake Tahoe-72 classic road race. Additionally, completing a 102 mile century ride (Marin Century), with my wife on our Tandem!"

In addition to cycling, he adds, "I recently retired as a professional aviator for the United States Air Force where I operated the KC-10 Air-Refueling Tanker Aircraft. I am also a Commercial Pilot and FAA Certified Flight Instructor. "

"I am now employed with Vail Resorts (Northstar-California Ski Resort) as an Alpine Ski Instructor in the winter months. In addition to cycling and winter snow sports, I also love to hike with our two yellow labs, surf, standup paddle board, kayak, power-boating, water-skiing, wake boarding, playing tennis, bowling, and playing a few rounds of disc-golf."

"My cycling goals are one, to help provide off-season training for my profession as an alpine ski pro and to also get back into the road racing scene as an active team racer. I would like to upgrade in the next two years to a Masters Cat 3 racer with the support of the LGBRC!  The Bay Area is an amazing place to ride road bikes and I am very excited to have recently joined the team!"

Favorite Links: northstarcalifornia.com